Melbourne’s Theatrical Gem: Love Lust Lost Extends Its Enchanting Run

Melbourne, Play / 13 November 2023

Final Curtain Call at the Austral Theatre

Melbourne’s theatre landscape has been buzzing with the talk of Love Lust Lost, a theatrical experience that’s been captivating audiences at the historic Austral Theatre. Now, in a thrilling update, the show announces an extended run, drawing the final curtain on 16 December. After a remarkable 14-week journey, it’s your last chance to witness this spectacle.

A World of Choices Awaits

Descend into Love Lust Lost and find yourself in a shimmering underground realm. More than just a performance, it’s a labyrinth of choices and discoveries. Spanning three floors and 1900 square metres, this is no ordinary theatre experience. You’re not just a spectator but a part of the narrative, solving escape room-style puzzles, exploring intricate spaces, and unravelling a seductive story.

Step Into an Immersive Realm

The Austral Theatre transforms into a breathtaking set, featuring over 40 spaces crafted with meticulous detail. Each corner of this subterranean world glows with creativity and mystery, inviting you to lose yourself in its depths. From the dampness of a ship’s brig to the luminescence of hidden rooms, every step is an encounter with the extraordinary.

The Heart of the Performance: Characters and Story

At the centre of this world is the enigmatic Captain, steering a craft through a sea of lost souls and thrilling escapades. The story weaves through humour, excitement, and raw emotion, offering surprises at every turn. Love Lust Lost breaks the mould of traditional theatre, providing an experience that’s as unique as each visitor.

A Collective Creative Vision

This immersive show is the brainchild of over 100 creatives. It’s a fusion of aerial circus, music, and intimate theatre, created and performed in Melbourne’s most expansive theatre space. The team includes Kirsten Siddle as the visionary creator, Scott Maidment’s directorial prowess, Mike Finch’s design genius, and Mik Lavage’s musical arrangements.

Join the Adventure

Themes range from adult to exhilarating, and an age requirement of 15+. Love Lust Lost is an adventure not to be missed. Lasting 75-90 minutes, your journey through this theatrical wonder is entirely your own. As the show prepares to say goodbye to the Austral Theatre, secure your tickets now for a chance to dive into a world unlike any other. Will you dare to brave this unique journey.