Revitalising a Coastal Icon: The Lorne Theatre’s New Chapter Begins

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 8 November 2023

Lorne Theatre, An Anticipated Comeback

In Lorne’s vibrant heart, a cinematic revival unfolds at the quaint Lorne Theatre. This summer heralds a new beginning as the Barton brothers step in, poised to infuse life into the much-adored locale.

Innovative Stewards, Timeless Charm

The Bartons bring with them a legacy of cinematic flair from Sydney’s Golden Age Cinema and Melbourne’s Rooftop Cinema. They’re not just revamping; they’re enriching the theatre’s legacy. The refurbishment plans promise more than just a facelift; they envision a complete sensory enhancement, honouring the venue’s vintage allure.

Cinema with a Heart

It’s personal for the Bartons, whose Geelong upbringing and Lorne holidays stitch a deep narrative with the theatre. Their ‘social cinema’ concept aims to transcend the traditional movie experience, fostering community bonds through shared cinematic journeys. The upcoming summer series mirrors this sentiment, boasting a diverse lineup of films that speak to every taste.

Crafting Cultural Connections

Kate Jinx and Jessa Shields stand at the programming helm, infusing the lineup with a blend of timeless charm and contemporary edge. Their goal? To stitch together the classic and the novel, ensuring the theatre remains a cultural hub.

Lorne Theatre

A Call to Cinemaphiles

The revival beckons to movie lovers and community members to engage in this spirited revival. With the Barton brothers at the wheel, Lorne Theatre is all set to become a hub of nostalgia, innovation, and cultural engagement. For a glimpse into the future offerings and to claim your spot, head to Join the celebration of Lorne’s new cinematic dawn.

Lorne Theatre


All images in this article are by photographer Annika Kafcaloudis