Melbourne’s Moonlight Cinema: A Festive Outdoor Film Fiesta in the Royal Botanic Gardens

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 7 December 2023

As December unfolds, Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens are aglow with the allure of Moonlight Cinema.

This beloved outdoor film event is a highlight of Melbourne’s cultural calendar. Amidst the natural splendour of the gardens, movie enthusiasts and casual viewers alike gather under the starry sky. This year, the 28th season of Moonlight Cinema offers an eclectic mix of blockbuster hits and nostalgic classics, creating a perfect blend of entertainment for all ages.

Royal Botanic Gardens: An Idyllic Setting

The lush Central Lawn at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens has transformed into a cinematic paradise. The natural backdrop adds a magical touch, making movie nights here an extraordinary experience. December’s Diverse Lineup: Hits and Classics The ongoing season features an array of films. From the thrilling “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” to family favourite “The Mighty Ducks,” there’s something for everyone.

Barbie’s Pink Party: A Vibrant Celebration

A special highlight is the ‘Pink Party’ with screenings of “Barbie” on December 8 and 9. This themed event invites attendees to immerse themselves in a world of pink and enjoy a fun-filled evening.

Holiday Cheer: Christmas Movie Magic

The festive season is celebrated with much-loved Christmas films. Classics such as “Die Hard,” “Elf,” and “Love Actually” are being screened, bringing holiday joy to Melbourne’s summer nights.

Premium Experiences: Luxury and Comfort

Moonlight Cinema offers premium experiences like the Platinum Experience and AAMI Gold Grass. These options provide luxurious seating and gourmet treats for a more exclusive movie experience.

A Community Affair: Inclusive and Welcoming

This season, Moonlight Cinema extends its warm welcome to furry friends with dog-friendly screenings. The BYO policy enhances the communal atmosphere, making it a gathering spot for all.

Melbourne’s Moonlight Cinema

A celebration of community, cinema, and the joys of the Australian summer. For a complete movie schedule and ticket information, visit and join in the magic of this unique Melbourne tradition.