Master the Art of… Workshop series at Kingpin Crown

Bars, Drink, Melbourne / 31 July 2017

Let the good times roll with a free food and drinks workshop series at Kingpin Crown

If you turn left at the entrance at Kingpin at Crown, keep journeying down past all the hooting teenagers and the bowling shoes, you’ll discover a premium tequila lounge. Room 300 is as unexpected as it sounds: the cool leather couches and diaphanous drapes silently combatting the background rumbles of the ten-pin revellers. Does this noise ruin the atmosphere? Yes it does a little, but you can’t deny the place has nerve and, with the deliciousness of the cocktails, it doesn’t take long before Room 300 drowns out the bowling alley with alcohol-induced hoots of its own.
Kingpin bowling
Furthermore, Room 300 has been running free cocktail making masterclasses (you heard me). On the evening we sat on their soft leather sofas clasping multiple glasses of fine clear spirit to our chests, we learnt all about how Patron makes these beautiful tequilas to exactly the same recipe it always has. No shortcuts, no cheats, just original, quality spirits. Go and try a tequila Manhattan, it’s something to behold.
Unbelievably, Room 300 with its specialist tequila cocktails isn’t Kingpin’s only sauvely secluded little secret…  Although the cocktail masterclasses are now over, Kingpin moves to focus on food with the Kitchen Insider Series. Chef Matthew Faux leads with three classes showcasing the wealth of knowledge that only 20 years in the business can provide.
Kingpin classes at Crown
We start with, Barron of the Burger, move sugarily through to Dukes Best Donut and take a final detour to Italy to end with Princes’ Pasta. All classes include taste testing and tips from the masters to enable you not only to be a gourmand but to recreate these beauties to stun your friends and family from the comfort of your own home.
And guess what, these are free too! Dukes Best Donut starts Thursday the 3 August at 6pm, so grab a serviette, tuck it down the front of your shirt and get sampling. You could even go for a cheeky round of ten-pin bowling afterwards…
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