Campari Red Nights, 1806

Bars, Drink, Events, Melbourne / 18 July 2017

Indulge in a taste of Milan this winter with Campari Red Nights

We may be in the depths of winter, but Melbournians are being treated to an Italian Summer thanks to Campari Red Nights 2017. A clever move, offering a taste of Milan to chilly Australians at a time when we are all longing for a slice of the Mediterranean. Campari brings a touch of iconic Milanese style, sophistication and flair to Melbourne CBD from 13 July-13 August.
Campari at 1806
“In venues and bars, the Campari Tonic will be the drink of choice. For those who only associate Campari with being ‘bitter’, the Campari Tonic signature serve will truly encourage you to reconsider this surprisingly delicious combination. Whether you’re trying Campari for the first time or are a Negroni aficionado, the Campari Tonic makes for a perfect aperitivo drinking experience” as explained in a statement from Campari.
The Campari Red Nights Melbourne event launch party, held at 1806 in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD was everything you’d expect this lush, red velvety event to be. A perfect venue to kick off a month of celebrating this famously bitter aperitif, with chocolatey leather wing back chairs to recline in while sipping from a list of Campari cocktails that included their signature style Campari and Tonic. Also on the Campari Red Nights cocktail list: The Jungle Bird – a delicious mix of Campari, Appleton 12YO, Grapefruit Oleo and Pineapple beer; Champagne Negroni – Cinzano Bianco 1757, Pear syrup and Prosecco; and the Vinello – served short in a small glass, this felt like the perfect after dinner tipple with a mix of Campari, Bulldog gin, Cinzano Bianco 1757 and house mulled wine.
Campari Red Nights at 1806
Guests were treated to dessert from Gelateria Primavera as well as a delicious array of canapés, perfectly paired with the cocktail list. Another offering – the opportunity to take home a monogrammed silk pocket square, made on site and ready to collect upon departure, a beautiful addition to an already luscious and indulgent evening.
Campari Red Nights events will be running across Melbourne until August 13 and if the launch party was anything to go by, every event on the calendar will be worth attending. When else can you call your friends and say “meet me in Milan”?
Campari Red Nights at 1806
Events will be running at QT Melbourne, 1806, Father’s Office, Bank on Collins, Dutchess, Pomodoro Sardo as well as fun pop-ups at participating retailers:

  • The Waiting Room – Complimentary styling sessions and a Campari Tonic
  • MISS FOX – All blow dries and beauty services include a complimentary Campari Tonic
  • Kings Domain – Collect a Pencil Moustache and enjoy a complimentary Campari Tonic during Aperitivo Hour
  • Oscar Wylee – Complimentary Campari Tonic to fuel late night shopping
  • David Jones Bourke Street – Complimentary Campari Tonic, canapés and music while you shop
  • T.M. Lewin – Shirt and suit fittings with a complimentary Campari Tonic
  • The Daily Edited – Enjoy a complimentary Campari Tonic, canapés and music while you have your favourite leather accessories monogrammed

For more information visit the Campari Facebook Page