Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Connections at ACMI with Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of Nature

Cool Sh*t, Play / 2 November 2023
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Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Connections at ACMI with Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of Nature

Cool Sh*t, Play / 2 November 2023

This summer, Melbourne’s ACMI is the hotspot for art enthusiasts. Why? Because it’s hosting a world premiere exhibition, Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of Nature, from 23 November 2023 to 14 April 2024.

A Global Journey Lands in Melbourne

Hailing from London, the art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) has dazzled audiences worldwide. Their exhibitions have graced venues like Sundance, Tribeca, and London’s V&A. Now, they bring their magic Down Under for the first time.

The Minds Behind the Magic

The exhibition boasts star power. Think narrations by Cate Blanchett and music by Jon Hopkins. Filmmaker Terrence Malick has also jumped on board as an executive producer.

Your Tour Through Nature’s Majesty

What can you expect? The exhibition comprises five major digital artworks.

  • Sanctuary of the Unseen Forest: A video installation that sets the stage, presenting an Amazonian kapok tree in an imposing way.
  • Evolver: This piece takes you on a journey inside the human body. Bonus: a meditation space featuring Cate Blanchett’s voice.
  • Distortions in Spacetime: After Evolver’s calming moments, get ready to zoom through space. Navigate black holes and learn how they’re connected to life itself.
  • The Tides Within Us: This work challenges your views on where the human body starts and ends.
  • We Live in an Ocean of Air: Wrapping up the exhibit, this piece explores the intricate relationship between plants and people.

More than Just a Visual Treat

MLF isn’t just about the art; they go deeper. Teaming up with ACMI’s curatorial squad, the group delves into ecology, astronomy, and tech to make art that’s not just stunning but also insightful.

A Feast for All Ages

ACMI also has an education program that aligns with the exhibit. School holiday sessions and curriculum-linked visits are on the roster.

Grab Your Tickets

Eager to visit? Tickets go on sale on 9 November. ACMI Members and school groups get early access. For ticket info, hop over to ACMI’s website.

The Exhibit’s Backbone

Supported generously by Major Technology Partner Panasonic and the British Council, this exhibition is set to be an unforgettable experience.

So, mark your calendars. Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of Nature promises to alter the way you see the world. It’s not just an exhibition; it’s a summer event that Melbourne won’t soon forget.

  • Marshmallow Laser Feast at ACMI

  • Exhibition Dates: 23 November 2023 – 14 April 2024
  • Venue: Gallery 4, ACMI, Fed Square, Melbourne
  • ACMI Website: acmi.net.au
  • Marshmallow Laser Feast: marshmallowlaserfeast.com
  • Artwork Credits:
  • Sanctuary of the Unseen Forest: Originally commissioned by Barbican Immersive
  • Evolver: Directed by Marshmallow Laser Feast, Narrated by Cate Blanchett
  • The Tides Within Us: Co-commissioned by York Mediale with Coventry City of Culture Trust
  • Distortions in Spacetime: Commissioned by Manchester Science Festival, part of the Science Museum Group in partnership with The British Science Festival and University of Hull
  • Ticketing Information: Full tickets $20, discounts for concession card holders, Students, ACMI Members, and under 35s. School groups and people under 16 are $5 per person. Optional VR experience +$10 per person.