The adidas Originals Trefoil: Melbourne’s Community Canvas

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 25 October 2023

A Milestone and a Movement

The adidas Trefoil isn’t just a logo; it’s a cultural icon. Since its unveiling 50 years ago, it has crossed tracks and stages alike. Now, adidas pays homage to those who’ve kept the Trefoil at the heart of culture. In the campaign, “We Gave the World an Original. You Gave Us a Thousand Back,” the brand celebrates icons and communities. After starting on a global scale, the focus zooms in on Melbourne, a city rich in culture and community spirit.

Originality in Melbourne’s Veins

Adidas Originals joins hands with local community staples to narrate the Trefoil’s story. These collaborations are far from ordinary. They reflect Melbourne’s soul and offer unique experiences that bring people together. Let’s delve into these vibrant collaborations taking place across iconic Melbourne venues.

A1 Bakery: Wrapping it Up

On 5th November, A1 Bakery brings you “A1 Originals,” serving free chicken or falafel wraps at their Brunswick location. With the spirit of community and the Trefoil entwined, it’s an event that’ll kickstart your day in the best way possible.

Haus of Dizzy: Nine Years of Radiance

Celebrate Indigenous pride at Haus of Dizzy’s “Haus Party” on 12th November. Located at Collingwood Yards, the event marks their 9th birthday and the launch of a new kids line, ‘Haus of Ziggy Lee.’ Expect market stalls, workshops, food, and music.

Hope St Radio: The Beat Goes On

For night owls, Hope St Radio hosts “Beaters,” a club night with beats from Rona and DJ PGZ x Moopie on 6th November. Free drinks will flow early, but be quick; the guest list is limited to 200.

Good Sport Magazine: A Frame for Life

Capture a moment with “Go-Sees” on 11th November. A lifestyle portrait day helmed by Ben Clement, founder of Good Sport Magazine, takes place at On The Corner Gallery in Collingwood.

Migrant Coffee: Celebrating the West

Migrant Coffee invites you to “Blessed by the West” on 11th November, a block party honouring four years of community building. Expect DJs, a BBQ, and special guests.

XFLOS: A Feast for All

Concluding the series, XFLOS holds a “Community Workshop & Feast” on 11th November. This gathering at Collingwood House invites you to connect with plants, food, and your community.

Each event offers not just an experience, but also a slice of Melbourne’s rich cultural tapestry. So why wait? Secure your tickets at


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