$15 Patrón Margaritas for Margarita Month at Mama’s Dining Group

Drink, Melbourne / 28 February 2024

Margarita March? Indeed, Melbourne’s calendar offers this spirited invitation. The city, known for its vibrant drink scene, welcomes a special celebration each March. Spearheaded by Mamas Dining Group, the event promises a tour de force of tequila at venues like Hochi Mama CBD, Hochi Mama Richmond, Straight Outta Saigon, and Kiss & Tell. Each location pours a mix of classic and creative Patrón margaritas, all priced at an enticing $15.

Mama’s Margarits’s

This celebration goes beyond the usual lime and salt rim. Instead, it delves into a realm where creativity meets craft. Hochi Mama CBD introduces the Honey Mama, a concoction blending honeydew with Midori. It’s as refreshing as the city’s eclectic vibe. Similarly, Hochi Mama Richmond’s Spiced Fusion margarita surprises with its coriander shrub syrup and chilli, proving that adventure can indeed come in a glass.

Moreover, Straight Outta Saigon’s Smooth Operator, with its mango nectar, showcases the smooth side of innovation. Meanwhile, Kiss & Tell’s Watermelon High offers a sweet conclusion to the tour. Each venue, through its unique creations, adds a chapter to Melbourne’s rich drink narrative.

A Month to Celebrate

Margarita March isn’t just a festivity; it’s a tribute to Melbourne’s ethos. The city thrives on diversity and innovation, a theme mirrored in the month-long event. It invites everyone to experience the fusion of classic and modern, encapsulated in each margarita. The venues, far from mere stops, become key storytellers in this city-wide celebration.

So, as March rolls in, Melbourne beckons. With Mamas Dining Group at the helm, it’s an opportunity to traverse the city’s landscape, one margarita at a time. For more information, check out Hochi Mama CBD (here), Hochi Mama Richmond (here), Straight Outta Saigon (here), and Kiss & Tell (here). Let’s welcome Margarita March, a tradition that promises both taste and tales.