Marameo & Chill: The Ice Cream Romance Melbourne Didn’t Know It Needed

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Melbourne / 24 October 2023
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Marameo & Chill: The Ice Cream Romance Melbourne Didn’t Know It Needed

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Melbourne / 24 October 2023

As temperatures soar and Melburnians seek refuge from the summer heat, two renowned establishments are joining forces to offer a respite unlike any other. Starting from November, Marameo, the city’s go-to pasta haven, is teaming up with Adam D’Sylva’s BOCA gelato to launch a unique and delectable menu takeover coined as “Marameo & Chill.”

A Guilty Pleasure, Unapologetically So

If you think ice cream is just a kids’ game, think again. Marameo’s owner Michael Badr gleefully admits to having consumed his weight in ice cream during the recipe testing phase. This collaboration Marameo & Chill is indeed an ode to guiltless indulgence. Expect nostalgic treats that pay homage to the classics, reimagined to arrest your taste buds without a second thought.

A Menu That Entices and Surprises

The new menu features limited-time offerings designed to make your taste buds dance. The “Bountyful” is a delightful blend of coconut gelato and chocolate cookie sponge, encapsulating the essence of a tropical island. On the other hand, “Marabon” combines ricotta ice cream, strawberry, cinnamon, citrus, chocolate, and pistachio into a compelling tribute to Sicilian flavours.

For a taste of Aussie tradition with a twist, go for “Pavvy B,” which features yogurt ice cream, pavlova crunch, strawberry drizzle, and a burst of berries. Meanwhile, the “Baci-lor” tempts with Ferrero Rocher ice cream, Baci chocolate, and a drizzle of chocolate fudge, accentuated by hazelnuts.

A Terrace With a View and a Sip

Moreover, Marameo & Chill extends its flair to your drinking experience. The Marameo terrace, replete with a distinct European atmosphere, presents LimonCHILLo—a refreshing answer to the classic Sgroppino. Alongside are frozen watermelon Cosmos, all part of ‘Tivo Time, offered daily from 4 pm to 6 pm with competitively priced drinks.

The Frosty Affair Lingers

Running through November and December, this special menu invites you to explore a fusion of contrasting flavours and textures. And it’s not just about ice creams; it’s a promise of cold margaritas, heartwarming fudge, and the vanilla that just feels right.

So, as the sun beats down on Melbourne’s picturesque streets, don’t just fantasise about a chilled treat. Make your way to Marameo & Chill and experience a summer escapade that combines comfort, style, and a whole lot of frozen delight.