Korean Flavours: Mah:t Dinner in Melbourne’s Freyja Restaurant

Eat, Melbourne / 8 August 2023

The Birth of Mah:t Dinner

On Tuesday, 5 September, the heart of Melbourne’s food scene will pulsate with a new rhythm. Freyja, a renowned Nordic-inspired CBD restaurant, opens its doors to host Mah:t Dinner, a night showcasing Korean tastes. Three skilled chefs, Jung Eun Chae of Chae, Kim Kim of James, and Jae Bang of Freyja, will unite for a thrilling one-time dining experience.

Mah:t, meaning ‘many flavours’ in Korean, tells you what’s in store.

A Fusion of Old and New

The night promises to unveil a fusion that explores various shades of Korean cooking. Each chef will present their unique style:

  • Chae: Known for its traditional Korean dishes with in-house genuine recipes.
  • James: A mix of Australian native foods with South Korean influences.
  • Freyja: Creative Nordic-inspired dishes with a touch of Korean heritage.

Together, they will craft a degustation menu that echoes their individual restaurants but is united by their common Korean roots.

A Feast in Melbourne’s Foodie Gem

Located in the stunning Olderfleet building, Freyja has quickly become a favourite spot for food lovers, thanks to its eye-catching and flavour-packed dishes. Chef Jae Bang’s enthusiasm for hosting Victoria’s top Korean chefs in Freyja’s kitchen mirrors the city-wide anticipation.

“I was delighted when Chae and Kim came to me with the idea for the dinner. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to come together to celebrate our shared backgrounds, and show the essence of Korean cooking,” shares Bang.

From Humble Beginnings to Big Tastes

One highlight is Chae, which began in the chef’s apartment and now, with a waitlist exceeding 6000 people, stands as a beacon in Cockatoo.

James also brings to the table a delightful blend of tradition and modern fusion, adding to the excitement of this extraordinary night.

Get Your Tickets Now

Excited? So are we! Tickets to Mah:t are on sale now via Freyja’s reservation page, with seating times between 5:30-8:30pm. Tickets are $150pp with some paired drinks included.

Mah:t Dinner

In Conclusion

Mah:t Dinner is not just a meal. It’s a celebration of creativity, heritage, and cooking expertise. A chance to explore and enjoy Korean flavours like never before, right in Melbourne’s heart. It’s a night for the senses, and one you won’t want to miss.