Melbourne’s Urban Oasis: George Rose’s Rooftop Mural

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 8 November 2023
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Melbourne’s Urban Oasis: George Rose’s Rooftop Mural

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 8 November 2023

A Canvas in the Sky: George Rose’s Botanical Mural

In the heart of Melbourne, a once unremarkable rooftop has undergone a transformation at the hands of local artist George Rose. This Southbank location, previously known as the BMW site, now flourishes with a large-scale mural depicting Australian natives, a stunning example of urban renewal.

The Blossoming of Southbank

Rose has repurposed this lofty space into a hidden gem only visible from above. Office workers and residents are greeted by a botanical spectacle of vivid greens, purples, and pinks. The artwork features species such as the Kangaroo Apple and the Bush Pea, enveloping the concrete in a surreal embrace of natural beauty. Moreover, this initiative serves as an urban landmark promoting sustainability and cultural enrichment, courtesy of the Beulah Foundation’s philanthropic vision.

A Harmonious Collaboration

The partnership between George Rose and the Beulah Foundation brings together art, well-being, and ecological consciousness. This collaboration builds upon Melbourne’s stature as the cultural heart of Australia, championing local female artists and enhancing urban aesthetics.

Art with Purpose

Rose’s mural goes beyond aesthetic appeal, fostering conversations on nature’s delicacy and the need for conservation. By showcasing endangered species and elevating the role of murals in public discourse, Rose’s work is a testament to her commitment to environmental advocacy through art.

Urban Canvas Meets Cultural Vibrancy

Adjacent to Rose’s biophilic masterpiece is the striking Atong Atem mural on Hanover House, both celebrating female artistry. These visual narratives contribute to Melbourne’s dynamic culture, beckoning as must-visit sights for art lovers and city dwellers alike.

Envisioning the Future

The Southbank rooftop, along with Hanover House, anticipates the arrival of STH BNK By Beulah. This ambitious project promises to redefine Melbourne’s skyline with a blend of retail, wellness, cultural, and residential spaces, embedded with greenery and innovation in collaboration with Centre Pompidou.

Inspiring Change through Art

The Beulah Foundation champions the intersection of art, community well-being, and sustainable urban development. With a focus on various cultural expressions, it seeks to inspire inclusive communities and catalyse positive transformation. For further details on the Beulah Foundation, explore

Melbourne’s spirit of exploration and creativity continues to thrive, as each brushstroke from George Rose’s palette injects life into the concrete fabric of the city, reminding us that beauty often resides above, waiting to be discovered.