Long Hot Summer: A Cultural Splash in Lorne

Melbourne, Play / 15 February 2024

Lorne’s summer scene heats up with Long Hot Summer, a festival that marries music with culinary delights.

The Clam and Lorne Theatre, two iconic venues, team up to offer a vibrant mix of events for a Long Hot Summer. This collaboration promises to be a season standout, combining community spirit with cultural flair.

A Fusion of Music, Food, and Community

The festival ignites with Calexico’s performance at Lorne Theatre on February 17th. Spanning February and March, it features free and ticketed events. These showcase Lorne’s community vibe and its love for great music and food.

At the festival’s core are The Clam, crafted by David Moyle, and the newly revamped Lorne Theatre. They’re creating an unmatched blend of auditory and gastronomic experiences.

Festival Must-Sees

Music enthusiasts will enjoy a diverse lineup. Acts range from Minami Deutsch’s kraut-rock to Leah Senior’s folk melodies. Free performances by Sweet Whirl and Andr├ís, along with DJ sets, keep the energy high at The Clam.

Key events include Milo Eastwood’s party on February 17th and Adriana’s Dolmade Parde on March 10th. With DJs like Tornado Wallace lighting up the nights, there’s never a lull.


Culinary Adventures with David Moyle

David Moyle highlights local produce with his ocean-inspired menu. Seafood platters and snacks cater to all tastes. The Clambake and other unique events offer a taste of Lorne’s local flavours.

Beyond the Festival

Long Hot Summer isn’t just about the events. It invites visitors to explore Lorne’s beauty and cultural vibrancy. The festival’s rich schedule ensures an engaging escape for everyone. Lorne’s beaches and the scenic Great Ocean Road are perfect for daytime adventures.

Your journey begins with Long Hot Summer. For details and tickets, check out Lorne Theatre’s website.

Join the festival for a memorable mix of community, music, and dining. It’s an ideal way to experience the Surf Coast’s spirited culture.