A Retro Revival: Pidapipo’s Chocolate Granita with Brioche Col Tuppo

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Melbourne / 14 February 2024

Fitzroy’s Pidapipo is bringing a classic Italian dessert back in style with The Chocolate Granita with Brioche Col Tuppo. This creation blends nostalgia with modern flair. Available only in February and March, this dessert celebrates the Italian tradition of enjoying granita during hot summer days.

Chocolate Granita with Brioche Col Tuppo

Granita is a cherished Italian dessert. Its smooth, velvety texture contrasts sharply with the icy slushies many know. Pidapipo elevates this tradition with freshly whipped cream and chocolate sauce atop the cacao-based granita. The Brioche Col Tuppo, a soft, dome-shaped brioche made in-house, pairs perfectly. This bread is meant for dipping into the granita, creating a delightful taste experience.

Chocolate Granita with Brioche Col Tuppo

At $9.50, the dessert offers more than just taste—it’s a trip to Italian summers past. The Fitzroy Laboratorio, where this treat is available, invites guests to immerse themselves in Italian culinary culture without leaving Melbourne. Pidapipo’s commitment to authenticity and innovation makes this dessert a standout. It respects traditional methods while adding a contemporary twist.

Refreshing, Sweet, and Nostalgic

Pidapipo’s Chocolate Granita with Brioche Col Tuppo is the ideal choice for those craving a refreshing and nostalgic dessert. It’s a simple joy, offering a break from daily life to savor the unique combination of textures and flavors. As the weather warms, this dessert is set to become a favourite, bringing a slice of Italian summer tradition to everyone.

Pidapipo’s take on granita not only honours Italian culinary heritage but also introduces it to new fans. This dessert bridges cultures and eras, celebrating the joy of shared culinary experiences.

Chocolate Granita with Brioche Col Tuppo