Lime & Edwards and Co. Partner to Offer FREE Helmet Hair Consultations

Cool Sh*t, Restaurants / 18 October 2023

A Fresh Initiative for Melburnian E-Riders

Let’s face it: helmet hair often becomes the unintended consequence of zipping around Melbourne on e-bikes and e-scooters. Recognizing this issue, Lime & Edwards and Co. have rolled out Australia’s first Helmet Hair Salon in Fitzroy. The goal? To significantly lower the 19% of riders reluctant to wear helmets due to hair woes.

Your Monday Morning Fix: Style and Education

For those seeking a unique experience, mark your calendar for Monday, 23 October. Between 9 am and 10 am, Edwards and Co.’s Fitzroy salon will welcome e-riders for complimentary 30-minute consultations. Moreover, you won’t want to miss the valuable insights Lime & Edwards and Co. will offer on maintaining that just-styled look.

So Much More Than a Consultation

Besides offering an array of dry styling techniques such as curling and beach waves, Lime & Edwards and Co. are also set to unveil preventive solutions. Think along the lines of ideal braids and low ponytails that withstand the helmet test. Plus, they haven’t forgotten about the gents, who can opt for dry cuts.

No More Guesswork: Get Expert Tips

Now, you no longer have to compromise style for safety. The experts at Edwards and Co. will show you how a good quality hair wax and a dash of texturising spray can make all the difference.

Reserve Your Spot in a Jiffy

So, how do you jump on this opportunity? Simple. Lime & Edwards and Co. have set up an easy booking system via Trybooking. Hurry, though. Slots will open at 9 am on Monday, 16 October, and they’ll fill up on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reclaim Your Look While Staying Safe

Furthermore, this collaboration sends a strong message about the importance of wearing helmets. Essentially, Lime & Edwards and Co. are debunking the myth that helmets ruin your look.

Transform Your Ride, Transform Your Style

In summary, this Lime & Edwards and Co. collaboration represents an exciting fusion of style and safety. So, why not be a part of it? After all, every Melburnian e-rider deserves the chance to look fabulous without compromising on safety.