Life Drawing with Lani Mitchell

Melbourne, Play / 2 June 2016

Clear your Tuesday night plans – life drawing is the new meditation

Lani Mitchell is an artistic goddess who has brought out the inner nudist in me. Whilst technically neither of us are undressed, there is a nude model in the centre of the room and I am covered in charcoal partaking in some life drawing. While I consider structure and form, Lani is topping up everyone’s hot chocolate. I personally have opted for a $3 glass of Prosecco with a complementary glacé cherry. I find it’s helping with my creativity.
All materials are provided at this class so there is no “I left my sketch book at home” excuses for last minute cold feet. Having done some life drawing classes in Sydney a few times I can safely say none of them have been quite as special as this one. The class is hosted in renowned artist, David Bromley’s old studio (thanks to Lani’s boyfriend who now lives here). It’s like sitting in your best friends lounge room, that is actually an awesome warehouse. It comes complete with essential oils and candles wafting a dreamy scent and a killer playlist that keeps the chilled vibes and creative juices flowing.
life drawing lani mitchell sketchlife drawing lani mitchell sketch
The models swap between male and female each week and provide beautiful and varied body shapes to sketch. They alternate poses every five to ten minutes allowing each person in the room to capture different angles. Front on is my favourite angle to draw as my untrained eye isn’t great with perspective.
The sessions are not tutored – abiding by Lani’s personal understanding and view on creativity – “without limitations, unbridled, free, unrestricted”. Rather, the classes provide a comfortable space to draw the human figure in a relaxed environment. Even without any previous experience you can see your art evolve and grow from week to week. For those more structured-loving humans, there is an optional guide to follow throughout the class such as five minutes free hand, five minutes left hand, five minutes without taking your pencil off the page and so on.
life drawing lani mitchell
Lani describes the classes as a “kind of meditation, somewhere to unwind after a long day of work,” also suggesting it as a perfect place to bring a date. Picking up at a life drawing class would no doubt make a great story for the grandkids!
The class costs $15 and you Lani by cash on arrival. Glasses of wine are available during the evening for $2 glasses or $3 for prosecco. Hot chocolate is free and is a must for everyone and anyone who has ever day dreamed of Jack (or Leonardo Di Caprio) drawing Rose (Kate Winslet) in Titanic.
Life Drawing with Lani Mitchell
Tuesdays until 21st June (when Lani heads overseas)
South Yarra (Text Lani on 0451 877 579 to reserve your place and the exact location will be texted back)
$15 entry (bring coins for drinks)
Materials provided: paper, drawing boards pencils, erasers, pastels and charcoal but you’re free to bring your own also