Hospitality Powerhouses Maurice Terzini and Joe Jones Unveil New Bar in Melbourne’s CBD

Bars, Cool Sh*t, Drink, Melbourne / 29 November 2023

Purple Pit is set to shake up Melbourne’s nightlife.

Opening in December at 376-390 Collins Street, this venture by Maurice Terzini and Joe Jones is a fusion of European elegance and Melbourne’s dynamic culture. Known for his successes like Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, Terzini teams up with Jones, the talent behind Romeo Lane.

EAT: Delight in Diverse Flavours

At Purple Pit, the menu goes beyond typical bar fare. Terzini and Jones have crafted “Champagne food,” featuring innovative dishes like house-made calzones with varied fillings, from mortadella and ricotta to Big Mac-inspired flavours. The Tomato Tartare and Tuna Loin, each with its unique balance of tastes, complement the bar’s drink selection.

DRINK: A Masterclass in Mixology

The bar’s drink selection showcases Jones’ mixology skills. The highlight, “Ticket To Ride,” blends champagne and caviar. A reimagined Bellini features peach essence and burnt honey vodka, while “Emerald City” combines jasmine spirit with lemon, sherry, and green apple soda. These drinks represent a perfect mix of tradition and innovation.

PLAY: A Fusion of Arts and Beats

Purple Pit transcends the usual bar experience. Its design, a collaboration between Daniel Dalla Riva and Filip Bjazevic, blends brutalism with luxury. From 2024, the venue will host a variety of music, ranging from post-punk to romantic melodies. This combination of art, music, and style elevates the food and drink experience.

Conclusion: Experience the Unique Vibe of Purple Pit

Purple Pit is more than just a new bar in Melbourne. It’s a culmination of Terzini and Jones’ vision, where food, drinks, music, and design create unforgettable experiences. Opening in December, Purple Pit invites everyone to explore this exciting addition to Melbourne’s vibrant nightlife.