The Jazz Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Bars, Cafes, Melbourne, Play / 10 April 2017

The Jazz Corner Hotel opens on a high note.

The who’s who of Melbourne’s music scene came out to celebrate the opening of The Jazz Corner Hotel this week, and the consensus is that it hits all the right notes.
Music has always been at the heart of Melbourne’s cultural life, and that heart beats strongly in hotel owner Albert Dadon. Dadon has been instrumental in fostering Melbourne’s music scene with his involvement with the Melbourne Jazz Festival,  as a musician himself, and by realising his long held dream of opening a jazz club with the 2015 debut of Bird’s Basement.
City Skyline from The Jazz Corner Hotel
Walking through the hotel, and the adjacent club, I could feel the influence of Melbourne’s jazz history coursing through the veins of the building. The feel of Bird’s Basement harks back to the glory days of mid-century Melbourne’s jazz nightlife, where a night could be whiled away until the wee hours at South Yarra’s Fat Black Pussycat. This spirit is alive and well at Bird’s Basement, and is carried through to the hotel, which provides a soft place to land after a night of enjoying the amazing roster of local and international acts that pass through the venue.
The hotel – located atop Bird’s Basement – boasts studio accommodation, as well as one and two bedroom apartments, all of which enjoy amazing views of the city skyline. When I had the pleasure of visiting, I could see the lights of Etihad Stadium glowing across the way, and the Melbourne Star oscillating away festively below (yes, it was actually running!).
Jazz Corner Hotel
The rooms themselves are stunning. Stylish and comfortable, the boutique apartment-style rooms offer full kitchen facilities – even in the studio suites! – and the biggest, softest beds I’ve seen in a long time. Had I not had company, I would have flopped down then and there. Similarly, The addition of chic Australian-founded Metis amenities really piqued my local product loving interest.
Meanwhile, for the after club tummy rumbles, the Jazz Corner Hotel’s on site pizzeria – Beer, Wine, & Calzone – makes the best pizza in town. I know, I know, it’s a big call, but with Marino Maffi running the kitchen, your comforting carb needs will be met in style. Maffi studied at the Accademia Italiana della Pizza (that’s Milan’s Pizza University for the mono-linguists among us), and he uses an 80 year-old ‘mother’ yeast to ferment his dough, crafting some of the finest thin crusts going. For dessert – because of course you left room for dessert, right? – you absolutely cannot go past the banana, Nutella, and custard calzone.
For breakfast and lighter snacks, The Jazz Corner has you covered as well with Brother Thomas Cafe offering up all manner of delicious goodies, as well as their signature specialty coffee roast. And, let’s be real, if music is Melbourne’s heart, then coffee is the blood running through it’s veins.
Located alongside the stunning Flagstaff Gardens, and a short walk to Queen Victoria Market, the Jazz Corner Hotel is conveniently centralised and a fantastic base for city adventures.
So, head to The Jazz Corner Hotel, put on a little Ella, and dream a little dream…
The Jazz Corner Hotel
352 William Street, Melbourne
Ph: (03) 9454 9000