Innocent Bystander Unveils New Winter Red: The 2022 Shiraz Cienna

Drink, Melbourne / 8 June 2023

Innocent Bystander, the esteemed Yarra Valley winemakers, have announced a new addition to their red wine range, just in time for the winter season.

Their 2022 Shiraz Cienna, an engaging blend, is all set to make its way into the cellars and hearts of wine lovers across the region. The new blend combines 80 per cent Shiraz and 20 per cent Cienna to create a rich and flavoursome wine. Strikingly vibrant in colour, it offers a juicy and smooth palate experience. The distinctive notes of raspberries, blackcurrants and pepper spice weave an intriguing narrative for the senses, making the Shiraz Cienna a wonderful companion for the cooler months.



The maturation process of the wine adds another layer of complexity to its profile. Briefly aged in a mix of French and American oak, the wine delivers a harmony of wild berry compote and sweet Hoisin flavours. Its soft tannins lend themselves beautifully to various food pairings. Whether it’s crispy skinned duck with spicy plum sauce, a comforting seafood paella, or a selection of high-quality blue cheeses, the Shiraz Cienna complements them impeccably.

The release of this blend marks a milestone for Innocent Bystander. Geoff Alexander, the winemaker, is particularly enthusiastic about introducing the first Innocent Bystander wine made with Cienna grapes. “The combination of Cienna and Shiraz has resulted in a flavour profile that is unlike anything we have produced before,” he shared. A special effort was taken to treat the grapes gently during the winemaking process, ensuring the plush fruit flavours were retained while avoiding any harsh or bitter tannins.

This new blend isn’t just a rich and smooth red wine; it is also vegan-friendly, broadening its appeal to a more diverse audience. The 2022 Shiraz Cienna has a cellaring potential of up to five years and is available at $20.00 per bottle from the Innocent Bystander website.

This winter, add a touch of warmth to your evenings with Innocent Bystander’s 2022 Shiraz Cienna. It’s more than just a wine; it’s an invitation to share and enjoy unique flavours with good company during the cooler months.