Warm Up Your Winter Afternoons at Baby Pizza

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 8 June 2023

Winter has arrived and Melbourne’s beloved Italian venue, Baby Pizza, brings a snug and exciting offering to help us navigate the cold months.


Their newly introduced Winter Aperitivo, available every day from 3pm-5pm, aims to take the edge off the chill, serving up comforting drinks and scrumptious Italian snacks.

Baby Pizza, renowned for their Italian authenticity, offers the chance to hunker down indoors this winter, away from the frosty Melbourne weather. So, draw close friends and enjoy a laid-back afternoon over delicious bites and heartening beverages.

Let’s talk drinks. For those seeking something unique, there’s the Winter Spritz known as Giardino Sbagliato priced at $8.80. If beer or wine is your preference, Baby Pizza offers Peroni Rossa and Senesi Aretini Chianti each at a reasonable $6.50. Each drink complements the season, the interior of Baby Pizza creating a winter haven.

Now to the food. There’s an assortment of tempting Italian snacks that accompany these drinks. Fans of Baby Pizza will be excited to see the parmesan-crusted polenta chips and the salumi misti on offer. A new addition, the pea and mint arancini, promises to be a star performer and a winter favourite.

The Winter Aperitivo is available daily with no need to pre-book, drop by Baby Pizza for this delightful afternoon indulgence. Winter might have a reputation for being cold and bleak, but Baby Pizza is set to make it warm and delicious. Whether you’re escaping the office early or searching for a weekend treat, this could be your perfect winter hideaway. Enjoy these late afternoons with Baby Pizza – it’s about making the most of the winter season.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down, head over to Baby Pizza and let their Winter Aperitivo bring a little warmth and joy to your day.