Holey Moley Little Bourke St Introduces Nine New Holes

Melbourne, Play / 3 December 2019

Play your way through these new putt putt holes.

Everyone’s favourite original mini-golf-club-come-cocktail-bar, Holey Moley on Little Bourke Street has had a massive makeover, opening nine brand new holes, four of which are exclusive to the venue and the first of its kind in the world.

If you’re looking for a new date idea, Holey Moley has got you covered.  Play your way through the new exciting holes that turns traditional putt putt upside down on its head. Start with Hoop! There It Is – a game where you must first throw a ball into the net, and if you score then you get to move and putt on a birdie. Putt a Ring On It (inspired by horror film The Ring) is a tee off in the dark, where a sunken ball under the static TV will trigger a frightening surprise. Get instagram ready at Sugar, Slice and All Things Nice with the cutest and pinkest round you ever did see. Plus, there’s a dedicated selfie space with a giant plush toy, fallen ice cream cones and sparkly heart eye emojis.

sugar hole

Other new holes include one inspired by Forrest Gump, where you can play your way around a park bench. You can also let your true Aussie colours shine at the True Blue Green hole and say hi to the country’s famous giant reptilian creatures. 

forrest gump

In true Holey Moley fashion, the team have put together three new cocktails to pair up with the new holes. Partner the suspenseful Putt a Ring On It with Sweet Poison (white rum based garnished with an ‘eyeball’ and blueberry ‘blood’), or try the colourful Bubble Trouble (decorated with a puff of fairy floss) to go with Sugar, Slice and All Things Nice. For Hoop! There It Is, golfers can grab Michael’s Secret Stuff, with gin, blue curacao, and blue Gatorade, all served in a protein shaker.

Holey Moley is crafted by Funlab (creators of B. Lucky & Sons, Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq, Sky Zone, Strike Bowling and Juke’s Karaoke Bar). 

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