Hiatus in Kew breaks the stereotypical brunch

Cafes, Eat, Melbourne / 23 July 2018

Take a break from the hustle of everyday life try a refreshingly different brunch at Kew’s newest cafe, Hiatus.

For me, the weekend is the hiatus after a busy week to unwind and catch up with friends at rendezvous that feature, you guessed it – food.
Where many of Melbourne cafes offer the tried-and-tested ‘smashed avo’, my recent café visit to Hiatus revealed no such typical menu item.
Opening only three months ago, Hiatus thrives on its unique approach to food. Simple and fresh plant-driven dishes are the stars, with a focus on supporting local produce and minimising waste.
Bright, minimalistic décor provides the ideal getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stay cosy inside while reaping in the rays from the skylight, which I might add, is the perfect lighting for your insta-worthy food snap. Or for the al fresco touch, mosey outside to the courtyard for a breath of fresh air.
The homemade seasonal menu, curated by head chef Rory Greenwood-Mcneair (formerly from Feast of Merit, Pei Modern & Attica), offers a range of unique savoury and sweet options.
One of the most popular dishes “Corn & Crab” features crab omelette, chilli ketchup, baby corn and leeks. A perfectly executed omelette with a hint of heat really hits the spot.
Before the staff could finish telling me that the special on offer included truffles, I was immediately sold. A generous helping of truffle scramble eggs with XO sauce was a delectable combination that did not disappoint.
Other savoury options include the ‘Flank steak’ with beer bread, Nonna’s peppers and soft boiled egg, or the ‘Brussel Sprouts’, with bacon, chestnuts, green apple, horseradish and fried egg.
If you have a sweet tooth, opt for the ‘Grapefruit Cheesecake’ with citrus, almond, tonka bean, fejioa and wild rocket, or the ‘Pumpkin Hotcakes’ featuring native plum, persimmon, ginger custard and dill.
Your elixir of choice definitely complements the fine fare, whether it is coffee by Coffee Bird, tea by Larsen & Thompson, a chai latte or Bod Kombucha. A number of delicious smoothies are also available including the HM 04. A delicious combination of pear, rhubarb, yoghurt, and rooftop honey is a refreshing and filling finisher to brunch.
Hiatus will challenge your knee-jerk reaction to want to go with the usual brunch options of ‘eggs benny’ or ‘bacon and eggs with a side of avo’.
So grab your friends and head to Hiatus to take a real break from everyday life and the stereotypical ‘smashed avo’ brunch. After all, we all need a place to shed our weekly doldrums and stop and smell the roses. Or, in this case, the delicious food on offer.