Get Ready for $1 Dumplings at Hawker Hall This National Dumpling Day

/ 22 September 2023

National Dumpling Day, Tuesday 26th of September

We all know Melbourne has a soft spot for dumplings. Whether it’s a late-night craving or an old family tradition, dumplings have a way of uniting us. They’re comfort food wrapped in a chewy casing, bringing together flavours and cultures in a steamy embrace. As the dumpling fanfare continues to grow, it’s no wonder that National Dumpling Day has found its rightful place on our city’s foodie calendar. But this year, folks, it’s going to be different. Forget about staid, regular dumpling joints. Hawker Hall, the Chapel Street den of pan-Asian delights, is flipping the script. With an offer that’s sure to make headlines, you’ll want to cancel all your Tuesday plans for the 26th of September.

$1 Dumplings All Day

Melbourne, grab your chopsticks. National Dumpling Day is making a splash, and Chapel Street’s Hawker Hall is the epicentre. On 26th September, it’s all about dumplings for just a dollar.

┬áDon’t Miss Out

Circle 26th September, Hawker Hall will be open from midday to 10 pm. Stack your bamboo baskets; this one-day-only deal is sizzling hot.

A Line-Up to Relish

Every handmade dumpling on Hawker Hall’s menu is joining in. From Crispy Prawn & Pork Dumplings with Sriracha Mayo to earthy Shiitake Mushroom Vegetarian Dumplings, it’s a feast for the senses. Also in the mix: Prawn & Chive Har Gao, Pork & Chive Wonton, and Pan-Fried Chicken Dumplings.

Walk-ins Welcome

Book ahead or just walk in. Either way, you’re in for a dumpling bonanza at just $1 a pop.

The Bottom Line

Dumpling lovers, this is your moment. On 26th September, Hawker Hall is where you want to be. Get down there, dig in, and make this National Dumpling Day unforgettable.