Unveiling Grada Coffee + Spirit: A Melbourne-Made Marvel

Drink, Melbourne / 22 September 2023

Introducing the Game-Changer

This September, a Melbourne icon in drink innovation, Worksmith, is spicing things up with their newest invention, Grada Coffee + Spirit. It’s the coffee-based spirit that’s been two years in the making.

A Brew Like No Other

Created using single-farm hot brewed coffee, Grada isn’t just another liqueur on the market. This liquid gold is enhanced with Australian grain spirit, making it a top-tier sip or a key ingredient in your favourite cocktails. Want an exceptional Espresso Martini? Just give it a shake over ice.

The Brains Behind the Bottle

The minds at Worksmith are no strangers to creativity in beverages. For years, they’ve been crafting unique batched cocktails. They also run Stella, a small Melbourne coffee company that sources exotic beans globally. Tim Varney, Stella’s founder, teamed up with mixologist Darren Leaney to craft a beverage that respects the essence of both coffee and spirits.

An 18-Month Odyssey

This duo didn’t settle for mediocre. After an 18-month research and development process, they perfected a hot-extraction technique. This method enhances the complex flavours and gives that frothy head to an Espresso Martini that cold brew just can’t offer.

From One Farm to Your Glass

The coffee base originates from a single farm, Fazenda Progresso in Bahia, Brazil. This unique, high-quality coffee lends the drink notes of rum and raisin, butterscotch, and chocolate. It’s traceable and clean, making it not just a sip but an experience.

Redefining Boundaries

Grada is more than just a coffee spirit; it’s a blend of artistry and innovation. It caters to both coffee and cocktail enthusiasts, offering a fresh take on traditional favourites. So, next time you’re in the mood for something new, consider Grada. It’s complex, delightful, and, most importantly, Melbourne-made.

Where to Find It

You can get your hands on Grada Coffee + Spirit for $58 at Grada’s official website and various bars and retailers around the city.