Kick off your summer party season with Havaianas

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne, Play / 15 November 2017

Put on your dancing shoes with your own custom designed Havaianas

Aussies wear thongs, Americans have flip flops, New Zealanders jandals and South Africans slops. No matter the name, the days when we have to parade in pedestrian footwear are gone forever. With a diverse range of thongs and canvas shoes, Havaianas have us all set for summer.

havaianas carnaval entertainment

In true Brazilian style, Havaianas have kicked off the summer party season with a bang with all the best things about summer – good food, cocktails, music, carnival dancers and bold fashion. With the weather becoming warmer and the days longer, you can’t help but want to put on your dancing shoes and party.

Summer beach parties are all about being cool, minimally attired and comfortable. Havaianas Make Your Own range is the perfect way to flaunt your creativity and style whilst avoiding burnt soles from the sunbaked ground under your feet.

Havaianas make your own thongs

Your first decision as a footwear designer is to choose your style of top or slim thongs. Then, select a base and strap colour. Feeling bright and bold? Why not mix a bright pink thong with blue straps?

Now for the fun part – completely individualise your creation by adding your own pins, with up to four on each thong. The myriad combinations seem endless. As imagination takes over, choose anything from plain studs to watermelons, guitars, flowers or letters, just to name a few. I’ll be parading my pineapple and skull pins this summer.

Havaianas thongs with pins

With so many different pins to choose from, changing your Havaianas to suit your mood and the occasion is so easy. At $40 for the thongs, and pins ranging from $3-5 each, this is an affordable and unique fashion statement.

With Christmas around the corner and its associated gift shopping stress, why not jump online, get creative and order your family and friends custom designed Havaianas. Just be sure to make them all different, unless you’re the Partridge Family.

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