Gertrude Hotel is Fitzroy’s Melting Pot of Italian Elegance and Aussie Pub Charm

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 24 January 2024

Right in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne’s Gertrude Street unveils its latest addition: the Gertrude Hotel. This new hotspot offers a unique blend of Italian charm and Aussie pub culture, redefining the dining experience in Melbourne’s North.

Eat: Where Flavours Meet

At the Gertrude Hotel, culinary worlds collide. The menu, crafted by ex-Rockpool chef Andy Lockyear, blends Italian and Australian tastes. Diners can enjoy a range from char grilled scotch fillet to homemade pizzas and tiramisú. Impressively, fine dining here doesn’t mean high prices, with mains mostly set in the affordable $20 range.

Drink: Sipping on Tradition and Quality

More than just food, the Gertrude Hotel excels in its beverage selection. Each bar, from the ground floor to the historical Drewery Bar upstairs, reflects a commitment to heritage and quality. Here, patrons can savour drinks amid historic ambience, surrounded by bluestone walls and 1850s newspapers.

Play: Versatile Spaces for Every Mood

The hotel offers a myriad of spaces. On the ground floor, versatile areas cater to events of 15 to 150 people. Upstairs, private dining rooms and an outdoor terrace await, perfect for both private events and leisurely lunches. Whether it’s outdoor dining under White Cedar trees or enjoying the cosy wine room, there’s a spot for every occasion.

Gertrude Hotel – A New Melbourne Favourite

Located at 148 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, the Gertrude Hotel stands as a symbol of Melbourne’s innovative dining scene. Combining Italian culinary arts with Australian pub vibes, it offers a unique experience. A visit here is not just a meal; it’s an immersion in Melbourne’s diverse culture.