Eat Drink Play Guide to Ballarat, Victoria

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 16 December 2023

Ballarat, a gem in Victoria’s crown, offers a rich blend of dining, drinking, and recreational experiences.

Eat Drink Play your way through Ballarat. This historic city, once a beacon during the gold rush, now glimmers with its array of food, spirits, and cultural activities.

Eat Drink Play Ballarat
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EAT: Gourmet Delights in Ballarat

Ballarat’s food scene is a vibrant medley of tastes and experiences. At Mitchell Harris Wines, relaxation meets refinement. Visitors can enjoy superb wines and local delicacies in a setting that celebrates the region’s viniculture Mitchell Harris Wines. A stone’s throw away, The Shared Table beckons with its blend of Asian and Northern European cuisine, offering dishes designed for sharing in a convivial atmosphere The Shared Table.

For a unique culinary adventure, Black Cat Truffles is unmatched. Their summer truffle hunts introduce a rare truffle variety, accompanied by luxurious lunches crafted by acclaimed chef Liam Downes. This experience, complete with fine wines and cocktails, is a true delight for the senses Black Cat Truffles.

Eat Drink Play Ballarat

DRINK: Ballarat’s Spirited Side

The city’s beverage scene is as diverse as it is enchanting. Itinerant Spirits stands as a testament to the craft of spirit making, offering an array of cocktails in a space brimming with history and character Itinerant Spirits. Grainery Lane brings a touch of historical elegance, celebrating the bygone era of speakeasies and bootlegged spirits in a setting that resonates with Ballarat’s golden past Grainery Lane.

Kilderkin Distillery invites patrons to explore the intricate world of gin and infused spirits. Their experimental tastes and unique flavours make for an unforgettable experience Kilderkin Distillery.

PLAY: Cultural and Natural Escapades

The Art Gallery of Ballarat, at the city’s core, showcases two compelling exhibitions this summer, ‘Significant Others’ and ‘Layers of Blak’, both offering a glimpse into diverse artistic realms Art Gallery of Ballarat. For thrill-seekers, the Ballarat Rodeo at Kryal Castle presents an exhilarating mix of cowboy skills and family entertainment Ballarat Rodeo.

Nature enthusiasts will find joy in Mount Buninyong. The extinct volcano offers breathtaking views and a serene environment, perfect for a day of exploration Mount Buninyong.

Eat Drink & Play your way through Ballarat

In summary, Ballarat is a destination that offers more than a glimpse into Australia’s golden history. Its food, drinks, and activities weave together to create a memorable experience. From innovative dining and diverse drinks to cultural richness and natural beauty, Ballarat is a city that promises enjoyment for all.

Eat Drink Play Ballarat