Wonki Seltzer: Revolutionising Drinks with Imperfect Fruit

Drink / 18 December 2023

A revolutionary idea has taken Australia’s sustainable beverage market by storm. Wonki, a hard seltzer brand birthed from a Monash University Accelerator Program, is transforming the way we think about drinks. Spearheaded by three ambitious students, Gabriel Tucker, Max Moolman, and Bridget Lansell, Wonki is more than a brand; it’s a mission-driven venture aimed at creating a waste-less future.

From Idea to Impactful Reality

Wonki’s journey began with a successful crowdfunding campaign, raising $150k, and has now evolved into a reality, reshaping the perception of ‘imperfect’ fruit. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its approach: utilising misshapen or blemished fruits that would otherwise be discarded. This innovative strategy not only reduces waste but also brings unique flavours to the seltzer market.

Seasonal Flavours: A Fresh Approach

The latest in their seasonal lineup is the Blood Orange & Mandarin flavour. Crafted from fruits deemed too small or blemished for supermarket standards, these flavors are a testament to Wonki’s philosophy. The brand collaborates closely with Farmers Pick for sourcing, Market Juice for juicing, and Gypsy Hub for manufacturing. This collaborative approach ensures that each step in the production process aligns with their sustainable vision.

Striking the Right Note

Wonki’s approach to flavours is as dynamic as nature itself, changing with the seasons based on the availability of fruits in need of rescue. This not only adds an element of surprise with each new batch but also ensures that the seltzers are always fresh and in sync with nature’s offerings. Their latest Blood Orange & Mandarin batch is a limited run, capitalising on the short season of these citrus fruits.

Expanding Reach and Saving Fruit

With the recent inclusion of Dan Murphy’s as a stockist, Wonki’s reach is set to expand across Melbourne. This growth is significant, not just for the brand, but for the mission of reducing food waste. Their first batch, Cucumber & Lime, was just the beginning. Now, with their second batch, Wonki has already saved four-and-a-half tonnes of fruit and has onboarded over 24 bars and bottle shops.

A Gen Z-Approved Circular Economy

Wonki’s seltzers, containing 4.5% alcohol, come in fully recyclable cans that embody a youthful and fresh aesthetic. This approach resonates with a generation that values both style and sustainability. The brand’s ethos of ‘doing the world a flavour’ is more than a catchy phrase; it’s a reflection of their commitment to making a tangible impact.

A Sip Towards Sustainability

Wonki stands out not just for its unique flavours but for its underlying message. It’s a call to action for consumers to support a more sustainable future with every sip. As Wonki continues to grow, it represents a beacon of hope in the beverage industry, proving that sustainability and taste can go hand in hand.

Explore Wonki’s unique flavours and support their mission at Wonki’s official website and find their products at select retailers.