Discover Boost Juice’s Seaweed Smoothie Range

/ 6 March 2024

This summer, Boost Juice introduces a bold and innovative addition to their menu: the seaweed smoothie range. From February 19, 2024, these unique beverages combine the intriguing taste of seaweed with the refreshing flavours Boost is known for.

Dive Into the Seaweed Smoothie Range

The seaweed smoothie range features two exciting flavours: Pash & Splash and Sea & Tea. Pash & Splash is perfect for those who love a citrus kick, blending passionfruit and orange with a dash of seaweed. For a more tranquil sip, Sea & Tea marries creamy coconut, green tea, and mango with a subtle seaweed flavour.

Refreshing Choices: Pash & Splash and Sea & Tea

Two standout flavours, Pash & Splash and Sea & Tea, are making their debut. Pash & Splash offers a citrusy delight, combining passionfruit and orange with a hint of seaweed. Meanwhile, Sea & Tea brings a serene blend of coconut, green tea, and mango, accented with seaweed’s umami.

The Inspiration Behind the Seaweed Series

Boost Juice’s adventurous new range draws inspiration from the popular seaweed snack trend. The brand is known for its creative approach to flavours. Janine Allis, Boost’s founder, emphasises the joy of surprising customers with unexpected combinations. This seaweed series is a nod to that commitment, blending health, sustainability, and taste.

Your Invitation to Taste the Unusual

Available only from February 19 to March 24, 2024, these seaweed smoothies offer a unique taste adventure. Boost Juice invites you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. This limited-time offer is a chance to experience the uncommon blend of salty and sweet in a refreshing smoothie.

For those curious, visit Boost Juice bars nationwide. Embrace the chance to discover flavours you never knew you loved. Further details and store locations can be found on This summer, let Boost Juice’s seaweed smoothie range surprise you!