Celebrate Fermentation at Odd Culture Fitzroy’s Fizz Festival

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 6 March 2024

Melbourne’s culinary calendar highlights “Fizz: A Festival of Fermentation” this March. Odd Culture Fitzroy hosts the event, blending taste, tradition, and tunes. Let’s delve into what makes this festival a must-attend event.

EAT: Adventures with Chef Tom Sarafian

Chef Tom Sarafian stars at the festival, grilling Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. His dishes promise a perfect pairing with the fermented beverages on offer. Therefore, food lovers will relish this opportunity. The festival ensures a culinary journey, celebrating the art of fermentation in every bite.

DRINK: A Fusion of Drinks

In collaboration with Four Pillars, the festival serves a special fermented Dirty Martini on arrival. Nick Tesar, the creative mind behind Four Pillars’ gin drinks, offers unique gin concoctions. Additionally, the event showcases wild brews, natural wines, and local sake. Thus, drink enthusiasts will discover new favourites and learn directly from the producers.

PLAY: Live Music

Beyond eating and drinking, “Fizz: A Festival of Fermentation” entertains. The festival features eclectic bands and live acts, setting an upbeat mood. Furthermore, the graffiti-clad beer garden of Odd Culture Fitzroy provides the perfect venue. Guests can thus enjoy great music, engaging conversations, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Tickets and More

Priced at $78, tickets include a main meal, a welcome drink, free tastings, and all-day entertainment. So, visit the Odd Culture website to secure your spot at “Fizz: A Festival of Fermentation.” It’s an event where eating, drinking, and playing merge to celebrate fermentation in an unforgettable way.

In essence, “Fizz: A Festival of Fermentation” stands as a testament to Melbourne’s dynamic food and drink scene. From chef Sarafian’s grilled delights to unique gin drinks and lively performances, the festival offers something for everyone. So, let’s embrace the spirit of fermentation and make memories at this unique gathering.