Food Meets Art in Ryan L Foote’s Diamond Lab Project 2023

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 17 July 2023

Melbourne is ready to welcome back the highly anticipated dessert-art experience, the Diamond Lab Project 2023, conceived by international artist Ryan L Foote.

Diamond Lab Project


From 21-30 July 2023, the historical Union Bank on Chapel Street will transform into an artistic feast for the eyes and the palate.

History-Inspired Installations

Foote’s Diamond Lab Project honours Australia’s rich past, with installations inspired by the country’s historical gold rush and iron ore boom. The artist uses piles of red iron ore and golden rods to symbolize the land’s significance and the origins of Melbourne’s wealth.

Diamond Lab Project

Interactive Dessert Art

The immersive experience invites visitors to interact with the art and partake in a unique dessert tasting. The centrepiece, an 8-meter-long diamond-sculpted table, sets the stage for Foote’s innovative dessert creations. The sensory menu, blending whiskey, chocolate, and other unique ingredients, reflects Australia’s diverse culinary scene.

Diamond Lab Project

Sculptural 3D Printed Chocolates

A highlight of the Diamond Lab Project 2023 is Foote’s signature 3D printed chocolates. Made overseas in his Hong Kong-based business, Chocolates by Ryan L Foote, these unique sweets make their Australian debut at this event.

Diamond Lab Project

A Blend of Art and Culinary Delight

In designing the Diamond Lab, Foote intends to create a memorable journey that marries Australia’s cultural heritage with contemporary art. His commitment to innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship is also visible in his Melbourne-based R L Foote Design Studio. Open to the public, the studio offers an insight into the creative process behind Foote’s remarkable ceramic creations.

Diamond Lab Project

Booking Your Unique Experience

The Diamond Lab Project 2023 also features ticketed events, including the Chocolate and Whisky Pairing, priced at $45-$60. Reserve your spot at

Experience this unique blend of art, history, and delightful desserts at the Union Bank, 236-238 Chapel Street, Prahran. For more information, visit or follow @cecilplaceprecinct. Get ready for a sensory adventure where food meets art, and history meets innovation.

Diamond Lab Project