Covert Characters Life Drawing, Fitzroy

Events, Melbourne, Play / 15 August 2016

Put glitter pen to paper at Covert Characters, a themed life drawing class in Fitzroy

Covert Characters is not your average life drawing class. You could find yourself drawing Josephine Baker one day, Rocky Horror’s Frank-N-Furter another, or using pastels to depict neon painted bodies that frolic in a darkened studio.
Hosted by Cindy Hanara, a fashion and costume designer who’s also worked as a fashion illustrator and graphic designer, Covert Characters is a social and unpretentious life drawing class that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
Humorously billed as ‘an illustrators anonymous support meeting’, everything is supplied for an unbridled drawing session. Paper, clipboard, pencils and pastels are provided along with a glass of wine and snacks on arrival to loosen up those wrists and get the creative voodoo going.
Catering to professional illustrators and first timers, no experience is needed to put pencil to paper and draw the lines of whichever Cover Character is in front of you:
‘If you’ve never been to a drawing class before, don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first person to exclaim ‘’I can’t draw!” and then turn out a masterpiece,’ says Cindy.
The sessions are held on Wednesday evenings (90 minutes) and Sunday afternoons (three hours) at Work-Shop in Fitzroy.
Classes are broken into two parts. The first focuses on quick sketches between 30 seconds and five minutes long.
After a break to top up your wine glass and quietly pat yourself on the back for producing some pretty cool sketches, you’ll move onto longer poses. This is where you can get your Picasso on and start experimenting with chalk, oil pastels or glitter pens.
Previous class themes have included body art, jazz, Sergeant Pepper and showgirls. This week’s class is an athletic session, featuring a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike nude model for your drawing pleasure.
You can check out the work from previous sessions on the Covert Characters Facebook page where you can also find out the dates for and book tickets to upcoming sessions.
Cover Characters at Work-Shop
195 Argyle Street, Fitzroy
Wednesdays 6.15-8pm
Sundays 3-6pm