Australia’s first sustainable coffee pod refill service launches in Melbourne

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Melbourne / 19 November 2019

Set to drastically reduce workplace waste.

When you use a few small coffee pods a day, you probably can’t see the impact it has on the environment. But did you know that researchers in 2014 estimated there were enough coffee pods buried in landfills to go around the Earth 10.5 times? The eco-warriors at Crema Joe saw this as a growing problem and have launched the world’s first coffee pod refill and exchange service, Supply & Exchange.

Catering for businesses with a Nespresso® coffee pod machine, workers can now enjoy freshly roasted coffee packed in reusable stainless steel capsules, delivered straight to the office. The next week, those pods are picked up and replaced with a new batch and the cycle continues! Used coffee grounds will find another life as garden fertiliser or in beauty products, encouraging re-use in every way.

Supply & Exchange is the first of its kind in the world, allowing workplaces to enjoy the convenience of their coffee pod machine and at the same time, making a small positive step towards sustainability. Crema Joe’s Founder Kayla Mossuto has calculated that “over 1000 capsules from landfill will be saved, and around 45kg of GHG over the next year will be diverted.”

 “We see it as our responsibility to leave the planet in better shape for future generations. The situation is alarming, and we need to look at making changes to our habits if we want to make a positive impact.”

Crema Joe’s efforts have prevented a whopping 11.5 million coffee capsules from ending up in landfills since 2014, where they looked to reduce waste across Australia with reusable stainless steel capsules – an alternative to single use pods.

Businesses can calculate and track their impact on Crema Joe’s website

The new subscription service is currently available in Melbourne and will soon roll out across the country as the program expands.

Learn more about the Crema Joe Supply & Exchange program here.