Transform Your Saturdays with Cityfields’ Irresistible Boozy Brunch

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 1 June 2023

As Melbourne’s winter chill sweeps in this June, Cityfields, Chadstone’s chic new brasserie, is set to add some much-needed warmth to your weekends.

With its European-inspired design and a reputation fostered by the masterminds behind Half Acre, Cityfields is ready to redefine your Saturdays, one ‘Boozy Brunch’ at a time. Right from the get-go, this brunch paints a vibrant gastronomic tableau. An aromatic sourdough focaccia with olive oil and rosemary teases your palate, paving the way for an enticingly creamy buffalo mozzarella served alongside smoked heirloom tomato and crisp basil. The wood-roasted pumpkin dip and prosciutto further affirm that this is not just your regular brunch; it’s a journey through a culinary landscape meticulously designed to surprise and delight.

Moving to the mains, a seared beef salad awaits, featuring slices of tender beef harmoniously mingling with fresh tomatoes, radishes, sprouted lentils, rocket, and a bouquet of herbs. The wood-roasted chicken, already stealing hearts at Cityfields, pairs beautifully with a fresh salad of lemon, oregano, fennel, and olives. And as if this symphony of flavours wasn’t satisfying enough, every meal is complemented by an ample serving of golden, crispy fries to share among your table.

What sets the Boozy Brunch apart, however, is the unique pleasure of two full hours of bottomless drinks. The offerings span seasonal cocktails, wines, beers, and even sparkling Prosecco. All concoctions are crafted with the freshest ingredients, embodying the spirit of the season in each sip. With this flow of delightful beverages, Cityfields ensures your glass is always filled, your conversations lively, and your Saturdays truly memorable.

As the brunch debuts this Saturday, 3rd June, Cityfields is offering an enticing deal to get the ball rolling: The first two Saturdays will see the Boozy Brunch priced at a celebratory $49 per person, down from the regular $69pp.

So, why not rewrite your Saturday stories? Indulge in the rich offerings of Cityfields’ Boozy Brunch. It’s more than just a meal; it’s an experience that promises to warm your heart, please your palate, and quench your thirst for something extraordinary. And remember, this inaugural offer is for a limited time only – seize the day!