CDMX Taqueria Pops Up at Welcome to Brunswick

Eat, Melbourne / 17 December 2023

CDMX Pop Up at Welcome to Brunswick

As the Melbourne summer heats up, so does the food scene with the arrival of the CDMX Taqueria pop-up at Welcome to Brunswick. This vibrant event, running every weekend, offers a unique blend of Mexican flavours and lively atmosphere, making it the go-to destination for food enthusiasts.


EAT: A Feast of Flavours

CDMX Taqueria, known for its authentic Mexican dishes, is bringing a diverse menu to the streets of Brunswick. The pop-up features an array of tacos that cater to all tastes. The birria tacos, a delectable combination of juicy meat and soft tortillas, are a must-try. Seafood lovers can rejoice with the Pescado Tacos, priced at $16 for two. These tacos are a delightful mix of fresh fish and zesty toppings, creating a perfect summer meal.

For vegetarians, the Veg Tacos, priced at $14 for a pair, offer a refreshing taste with fresh, quality ingredients. The Guacamole & Totopos, at $11, is a crowd favorite. The rich, creamy guacamole, paired with crispy totopos, creates a perfect starter or a snack.

CDMX Pop Up at Welcome to Brunswick

DRINK: Refreshing Drinks

Alongside the delicious food, Welcome to Brunswick enhances the dining experience with a range of drinks. From frosty alcoholic slushies to ice-cold 4 Pines beer, there’s something for everyone. The selection of wines and summer cocktails adds to the relaxed, festive atmosphere.

PLAY: A Place for Everyone

This event isn’t just about great food and drinks; it’s also about community. Welcome to Brunswick’s beer garden has transformed into a space where everyone, including pets, can relax and enjoy the summer vibes. Whether you’re a group of friends or a family with a furry companion, this place has a welcoming spot for you.

Make Your Plans

To ensure a spot at this buzzing event, groups of four or more can book online at the Welcome to Brunswick booking page. Walk-ins are also welcome, ensuring everyone has a chance to enjoy the experience.


Event Details:

  • What: CDMX Pop Up at Welcome to Brunswick
  • When: Every Friday to Sunday, open now until the end of February
  • Where: Welcome to Brunswick, 1 Frith St, Brunswick VIC 3056

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to indulge in the flavours of Mexico City right here in Melbourne. Visit the CDMX Taqueria website for more information. Join the fun at Welcome to Brunswick for a weekend filled with delicious food, refreshing drinks, and a warm, inviting atmosphere.


CDMX Pop Up at Welcome to Brunswick