Campos Coffee and Annie Walter: A Festive Collaboration

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Melbourne / 18 November 2023

This festive season, Campos Coffee joins forces with Melbourne illustrator Annie Walter. Together, they’ve reinvented the Superior Blend coffee packaging with an Aussie Christmas theme.

Annie Walter’s Artistic Flair

Walter’s style, bold and hand-printed, spans various forms. Annie Walter’s work is deeply influenced by her love for Australian flora and fauna, a theme evident in her collaboration with Campos. The designs feature iconic Australian flora and fauna, offering a unique holiday feel.

The Story Behind Campos Coffee

Since 1997, Campos Coffee has been on a mission to revolutionize coffee drinking. Founder Will Young’s first inspiring cup in Sydney led to a lifelong coffee journey. Young’s vision transformed Campos Coffee into a brand synonymous with quality and sustainability. Learn more about their story at their official website.

Campos Coffee

The Superior Blend: A Taste of Excellence

Campos Coffee’s Superior Blend is a careful mix of beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia. It’s more than just a coffee. It’s a narrative of passion, community, and sustainability.

Sustainable Choices in Festive Packaging

Beyond coffee, Walter’s artwork also enhances Campos’ takeaway cups and fabric bags. This move aligns with Campos Coffee’s commitment to the environment. These reusable bags, offered with each kilo of coffee, combine sustainability with styleFrom its humble Sydney beginnings, Campos Coffee has grown significantly. The brand focuses on ethical sourcing and has twice won the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA). It’s a testament to their commitment to excellence in the coffee industry.

Get Your Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee with artwork by Annie Walter is available in Newtown, Newstead, and South Yarra.