The Ultimate Eat Drink Play Melbourne Checklist

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 16 November 2023

Discover Melbourne, a city renowned for artistic laneways, coffee excellence, and sports fervor. Offering gourmet dining, bustling cafés, and vibrant events, this Victorian gem is a cultural hotspot. Here’s our curated Eat, Drink, Play Melbourne Checklist, showcasing the city’s essentials.


This city invites you to wander through its bustling markets, unwind in its lush gardens, and indulge in its culinary offerings. As the sun casts a golden hue over the Yarra River, the city’s eateries beckon with aromatic brews and sumptuous fares, while the night ushers in a melody of possibilities. Here’s our curated Melbourne checklist of places to eat, drink, and play activities that encapsulate the essence of Melbourne, ensuring every moment is etched with the city’s charm. How many have you ticked off this checklist?


  • Avocado Toast, Higher Ground: Start your day with a classic Aussie breakfast.
  • Steak Frites, Entrecôte: A beautiful French restaurant with jazz.
  • Dim Sim, South Melbourne Market: A staple in Melbourne’s food scene.
  • Homemade Caraway Bread, Pipi’s Kiosk: Admire the view of the beach.
  • Century Egg Congee, Supper Inn: A great Chinatown restaurant open late.
  • Pistachio Gelato, Pidapipo: Authentic Italian gelato with a Melbourne twist.
  • Ocean Trout Cigars, Omnia: These appetisers really get the appetite going.
  • Croissant, Lune: Be prepared to queue.
  • Korean Fried Chicken, Gami: So many flavours to choose from.
    Traditional Japanese Breakfast, CIBI: Inside their light-filled zen café.
  • Mackerel Dumplings, ShangDong Mama: Literally the best dumplings.
  • Combination Laksa, Laksa King: A taste of Southeast Asia.
  • P.X. Miso Glazed Pork Scotch, Beso: A modern Spanish restaurant worth visiting.
  • Indian Curry, Tonka: Modern Indian cuisine in a stylish setting.
  • Escargots, Bar Margaux: A little bit French.
    Anchovy Toast, Napier Quarter: A delightful brunch number.
  • Tonkotsu Ramen, Hakata Gensuke: Warm up with a bowl of authentic ramen.
  • Korean BBQ, Bornga: A fun, interactive dining experience.
  • A Lemon Tart, Tarts Anon: You know it’s going to be good when they specialise.
  • Xo Pippies, Ling Nan: A Chinatown favourite.
  • Neapolitan Pizza, 400 Gradi: Award-winning pizza.
  • Oysters, The Atlantic Restaurant: Fresh from the ocean.
  • Matcha Basque Cheesecake, Tori’s: In the cosiest little café.
  • Peking Duck, Flower Drum: A fine-dining Chinese dining experience.
  • Moo Kata, Nana Thai: Melbourne’s most popular Thai-style BBQ.
  • Nori Taco, Mr Miyagi, Windsor: A crunchy Japanese-inspired delight.
  • Ricotta Pancakes, Top Paddock: A fluffy morning treat.
  • Cheeseburger, Butcher’s Diner: They’re open late-late.
    A Perfect Katsu Sando, Saint Dreaux: They make it fresh and cut the crusts off.
  • Spanish Tapas, Movida: A taste of Spain in Melbourne.
  • Leonardo’s Pizza Palace, Carlton: What pizza dreams are made of.
  • Fried Chicken, Belles Hot Chicken: Get the extra hot, I dare you.
  • Roti Canai, Mamak: They make it fresh and flakey.
  • The Kingfish Sashimi, ChinChin: Iconic dish, iconic place for modern Thai food.
  • Cheese Toastie, The Cheese Monger: Check out the Prahran Market while you’re here.
  • Grilled Pork Jowl, Soi38: Authentic Thai restaurant located within a parking lot.
  • Chicken Souvlaki, Stalactites: They’re open 24 hours too.
  • Tiramisu, Grill Americano: They scoop it, table side.
  • Kay’s Special Chicken, Hanaichi: Cheap, cheerful, quick & delicious Japanese.
  • Omakase Experience, Minamashima: If you’re feeling fancy.

Melbourne Checklist


  • A Green Smoothie, Green Cup: Start your day off with something healthy.
  • Magic, Market Lane Coffee: Experience Melbourne’s coffee culture.
  • Cocktails on Tap, Her Bar: They do cocktails on tap here!
  • Craft Beer, Stomping Ground Brewing Co: Local brews in a lively beer garden.
  • Chai Latte, Chai Co: Spicy warmth in a cup.
  • Tequila, Mejico: Head upstairs for Melbourne’s largest tequila collection.
  • A Perfect Cocktail, The Everleigh: Classic cocktails in an elegant bar.
  • Cold Brew, Industry Beans: A refreshing caffeinated fix.
  • Gin and Tonic, INDU: Explore their incredible gin collection.
  • A Negroni Fountain, Tippy-Tay: Press the button and pretend you’re in Italy.
  • Sparkling Wine, Chandon: Come for the wine, stay for the beautiful scenery.
  • Campfire Hot Chocolate, Mörk Chocolate Brew House: A chocolate lover’s haven.
  • Flat White, Seven Seeds Coffee Roasters: Cool down with a Melbourne classic.
  • Japanese Whisky, Whisky and Alement: A cosy spot for whisky aficionados.
  • Zombie Cocktail, Jungle Boy: Enter through the cool room and watch this cocktail get alight.
  • Melissa’s Paddock Syrah, Levantine Hill: For the wine enthusiasts, this place is magical.
  • Kombucha, Wild Kombucha By Ballsy: A healthy, bubbly refreshment.
  • Vietnamese Bloody Mary, Hanoi Hannah: With a sriracha kick.



  • Appreciate Art at the National Gallery of Victoria: Discover a world of art.
  • Lounge on St Kilda Beach: Sun, sand, and sea right in the city.
  • Explore Rooftop Bars such as Rooftop Bar, Goldilocks, Johnny’s Green Room: Just to name a few.
  • Watch Cricket at the Melbourne Cricket Ground: Immerse in Australia’s favourite sport.
  • Drive Along the Great Ocean Road: Breathtaking coastal vistas.
    Rent a Bike/e-Scooter: And ride through Melbourne’s wheel-friendly lanes.
  • Explore Laneways and Street Art on Hosier Lane: Melbourne’s urban canvas.
  • Watch Football at AAMI Park: Feel the local passion for football.
  • Stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens: A peaceful retreat in the city.
  • Hot Air Balloon Over the City: A serene, sky-high adventure.
  • Indoor Rock Climbing at Hardrock Climbing: A fun physical challenge.
  • Kayak on the Yarra River: Explore Melbourne from the water.
  • Experience Live Theatre at the Princess Theatre: Experience the magic of live performance.
  • Browse the Queen Victoria Market: A bustling hub of food and culture.
  • Explore Nightlife on Chapel Street: Discover Melbourne after dark.
  • Outdoor Cinema at Moonlight Cinema: Films under the stars.
  • Paddle Board on St Kilda Beach: A relaxing water activity.
    Laugh Your Socks Off at A Melbourne Comedy Show: Check out the International Comedy Festival.
  • Run on The Tan Track: A scenic route around the Botanic Gardens.
  • Shop at Chadstone Shopping Centre: Retail therapy in Melbourne’s fashion capital.
  • Ride the City Circle Tram: A historic journey around the city.
  • Paint Your Own Bear at The Fluid Project: A fun crafty activity.
  • Dance the Night Away at Revolver: For the party animals.

Eat Drink Play With Our Melbourne Checklist

Melbourne, a city where every corner has a story, every eatery a unique flavour, and every night a new adventure. The essence of this vibrant city is its ability to evolve, surprise, and captivate. Our curated checklist is your passport to dive into the heart of Melbourne, from tempting your taste buds, quenching your thirst, to igniting your playful spirit. Melbourne’s offerings are as vast as the city’s skyline, and this list is just a teaser.

Got a hidden gem you stumbled upon?

A new eatery, bar, or fun activity that made your day? We’re all ears! Share your finds with us at or on Instagram and let’s keep the Eat, Drink, Play spirit vibrant and evolving. Eat hearty, Drink joyfully and Play boundlessly in the marvel that is Melbourne.