A Delightful Easter Collaboration: Black Star Pastry and Koko Black

Eat, Melbourne / 22 February 2024

Black Star Pastry collaborates with Koko Black again, bringing back beloved chocolate hot cross buns for Easter. This duo promises an indulgent morning treat that’s hard to resist.

Celebrate Easter with Black Star Pastry & Koko Black with this sweet collaboration where the two brands unite, offering an inventive Easter treat. They mix Koko Black’s 60% dark chocolate into Black Star’s famed buns. Chef Arnaud Vodounou shares their excitement for this encore. He highlights the blend of premium chocolate with top-tier baking.

Beyond the Ordinary

These buns are vegan and made with natural, sustainably sourced cocoa. Chocolate chips and a cocoa cross make them irresistible. Also, the traditional frankincense-glazed buns remain available. They provide a spicy, sweet contrast.

Extra Indulgence

Black Star suggests enjoying these buns with Pepe Saya’s salted cultured butter. Online orders of a dozen buns come with a free 100gm butter, making each bite luxurious.

Grab Them While Their Hot

Available from 21 February to 1 April, these buns are a seasonal highlight in Sydney and Melbourne stores. Prices cater to all, ensuring everyone gets a taste of Easter joy. Pre-orders are encouraged to avoid missing out.

In Summary

Black Star Pastry and Koko Black’s collaboration is a must-try this Easter. It offers a unique twist for chocolate lovers and traditionalists alike. As these buns are here for a limited time, it’s wise to act fast. Enjoy an Easter treat that stands out for its quality and flavour.

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