Baker Bleu: Welcoming Easter with a Fresh Hot Cross Buns

/ 20 March 2024

Baker Bleu, introduces an exciting addition to their Easter lineup: a new hot cross bun flavour.

Renowned for their delectable range of breads and pastries, Baker Bleu has solidified its status as the go-to bakery in both Melbourne and Sydney. This Easter, they are set to delight their patrons with a fresh take on a timeless treat.

A Fresh Take on Tradition

This season, Baker Bleu reinvents the Easter hot cross bun, infusing it with the essence of traditional recipes. These buns combine soft, fluffy dough with the aromatic richness of cinnamon-spiced oranges and raisins, sourced directly from Mildura. Perfect when paired with butter and coffee, they offer a luxurious morning indulgence.

Mike Russell, the mastermind baker and owner at Baker Bleu, explains, “We’ve seen great success with our sourdough hot cross buns. By introducing a more traditional variant, we now cater to a wider range of tastes.” This move not only expands the bakery’s offerings but also ensures that every customer finds something to their liking.

Signature Sourdough Stays

Baker Bleu continues to serve its beloved sourdough hot cross buns, keeping the Sour Cherry & Dark Chocolate and Raisin & Pecan flavours on the menu. Customers can order these unique treats online or pick them up from the store, either individually or in packs.

Centerpieces for Easter Gatherings

Understanding the importance of communal meals during Easter, Baker Bleu presents shared bread options that promise to spark conversations at any gathering. The Country Roll Wheel and the Seasonal Fougasse, notable for their beauty and taste, stand out as perfect choices for any Easter table.

Embracing the Easter Spirit

“As Easter approaches, we look forward to welcoming our customers, sharing new recipes, and joining in their festive celebrations,” Russell remarks. Baker Bleu commits to baking fresh, enticing options daily, ensuring a memorable experience whether for sharing or personal enjoyment.

In essence, Baker Bleu’s latest hot cross bun offering is not just a new item on the menu; it symbolises the bakery’s commitment to quality, tradition, and creativity. Add a special touch to every celebration with these heartwarming and flavourful creations.