Celebrating Josh Muir: A Retrospective at Koorie Heritage Trust

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 20 March 2024

The Koorie Heritage Trust in Naarm now hosts “JXSH MVIR: Forever I Live”. This exhibition is the first major solo retrospective of Josh Muir. From 9 March to 14 July 2024, visitors can explore the impactful works of an artist gone too soon.

Josh Muir

Josh Muir’s Enduring Art

Josh Muir’s story starts in Ballarat, Victoria. His art reflects his Wadawurrung Country upbringing. His career, though brief, was brilliant. Muir’s art tackles themes like identity and colonialism. It also delves into personal battles with mental health. His colourful and geometric works bridge traditional storytelling with modern aesthetics.

The exhibition title, “Forever I Live,” captures Muir’s belief in his art’s lasting impact. Each work invites viewers on a journey of reflection and discovery.

A Collaborative Effort

“Forever I Live” comes to life through the efforts of Muir’s partner, mother, and the Trust’s team. This collaboration presents a wide array of Muir’s creations. From paintings to digital art, the exhibition showcases Muir’s versatility and innovation.


Celebrating a Trailblazer

Muir’s accolades began early, with significant awards and projects marking his career. His piece, “Still Here,” for White Night Melbourne 2016, powerfully narrates First Peoples’ resilience. Muir’s work serves as a conduit between past and present, engaging viewers in meaningful dialogue.

Josh Muir

An Immersive Experience

“JXSH MVIR: Forever I Live” offers more than an art display. It is an immersive journey into Muir’s life and creativity. Hosted by the Koorie Heritage Trust at Federation Square, the exhibition invites deep engagement with Muir’s narrative and contributions.

Supported by cultural and governmental bodies, the exhibition highlights Muir’s place in contemporary Australian art. It’s an invitation to explore his profound impact.

To find out more about Josh Muir and his exhibition details and visiting hours, visit Koorie Heritage Trust.

“JXSH MVIR: Forever I Live” is a tribute to Josh Muir’s vibrant legacy. It celebrates an artist whose work continues to engage and challenge us. This exhibition is a must-see, offering a touching homage to Muir’s lasting influence on art.