Back On The Dating Scene IRL With Boop

Bars, Cool Sh*t, Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play, Restaurants / 3 December 2021

If the mention of dating apps makes you sigh or change the subject at this point, it’s time to meet Melbourne’s newest going-on-dates-app Boop!

When you think of dating apps you probably sigh at this point. While a great lockdown time killer, the endless swiping and eventual matches that result in polite chit chat, awkward ghosting and lackluster connections just don’t satisfy. Enter, Boop — Melbourne’s newest ‘going-on-dates-app’. Boop’s putting the traditional dating app style in the bin and we are absolutely on board.

With Boop, the goal is to help you find a compatible somebody and get you out dating in the real world. Plus, Melbourne’s beloved bar and restaurant scene could certainly use the support! Boop has created a unique approach to dating where you can meet someone and pick a hot spot for your date all via the free Boop app.

Here’s a feature that we definitely love. When you get dating via Boop, you will have access to exclusive savings to the tune of 15% off your bill! The team behind the app has partnered up with a bunch of Melbourne’s best dating spots and has secured Boop users 15% off their bill! Now that is a perk.

We all know that great dates are for everyone, not just those who are single and ready to mingle. With Boop, you can also share your profile with your friends to create dates with them, find new like-minded mates, book a date night with your main squeeze, or even your mum out. After enduring the world’s longest lockdown it’s safe to say that we’ve been in hiding long enough — time to fill up that calendar!

Once you have downloaded Boop (which is completely free forever by the way), using the app is a simple three-step process. Create your profile and share it with your friends, or start searching for someone who tickles your fancy. Then exchange a few messages, get chatting, see what the vibe is. Lastly, choose from the list of venues across Melbourne to pick a date and time with the promise of 15% off your bill. Yes please!

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app to lock in your dates then get off your phone and get out there on fun dates in beautiful Melbourne and its top notch venues.

Search Boop in your app store or check out their website here to learn more and start dating IRL: