Make a Splash This Summer with Au Soleil at Le Méridien

/ 16 December 2023

Melbourne’s Le Méridien introduces ‘Au Soleil’, a sun-kissed retreat atop the city.

This rooftop haven, Le Splash, offers a French Riviera vibe in Melbourne’s dynamic core. As summer beams down, ‘Au Soleil’ at Le Méridien transforms into a Mediterranean escape.

Au Soleil Le Méridien

EAT: A Taste of the Mediterranean by the Pool

Le Splash’s menu brings Mediterranean zest poolside. Guests can enjoy dishes like smoked bocconcini salad or Wagyu burgers, each offering a coastal flavour. The standout is the Rosé Sorbet Sidecar. Crafted with Meredith Hayden, it blends Whispering Angel Rosé with ice cream for a unique summer treat.

DRINK: Sipping Rosé in the Sunshine

At Le Méridien Melbourne, the drinks celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle. Guests can choose from a variety of rosés and cocktails by the pool. The Rosé Sorbet Sidecar, a fusion of rosé and sorbet, is served in a stylish glass cone. This signature drink is perfect for enjoying Melbourne’s golden hours.

Au Soleil Le Méridien

PLAY: Leisure and Urban Exploration

Le Méridien Melbourne goes beyond typical leisure. Guests can partake in poolside games or the Au Soleil passeggiata. This self-guided tour reveals Melbourne’s hidden spots. As evening falls, the rooftop mirrors a Cote d’Azur sunset, offering a stunning end to the day.

‘Au Soleil’ at Le Méridien is not just a summer event. It’s an immersive journey, blending Mediterranean charm with Melbourne’s vibrant culture. From delightful meals to leisurely walks, it promises memorable experiences. With rooms starting at $329, it’s an invitation to a unique city retreat, where Mediterranean elegance meets Melbourne’s urban heart.

Au Soleil Le Méridien