A Toast to Innovation: 23rd Street Distillery’s Australian Whisky Journey

Drink / 3 April 2024

In the scenic Riverland of South Australia, 23rd Street Distillery proudly introduces its first Australian Whisky and Whisky & Cola Ready-To-Drink (RTD) range. This launch signals a vibrant shift in the whisky scene, blending traditional techniques with a modern twist.

23rd Street Distillery

From Vision to Reality

Over four meticulous years, a vision transformed into reality. The distillery’s Barrel Hall, with its ideal climate, was key in creating a distinct Australian whisky. Brand Manager Sarah Camerlengo shared their goal: to challenge the prevalence of imported whiskies with a local masterpiece.

A Unique Flavour Profile

At the heart of this venture is a whisky that resonates with depth and character. Aged in charred oak barrels for at least two years, it presents a complex palate of malt, honey, and nuts. This range not only showcases the distillery’s innovation but also embodies the Australian essence.

The offerings include a robust Australian Whisky at 40% alcohol and two Whisky & Cola RTDs. These creations perfectly combine the distillery’s rich whisky with refreshing cola, suitable for various occasions.

Where to Discover

This new range is now available nationwide at top retailers and online via Sippify, making it easy for whisky enthusiasts to indulge in.

23rd Street Distillery

The Craft Behind the Whisky

The distillation process starts with select Australian barley malts. Historic Copper Pots then enhance the whisky’s natural flavours. Maturation in ex-Bourbon American oak and Tawny barrels, coupled with the local climate, enriches its taste.

Beyond Whisky

23rd Street Distillery’s story is one of passion for local produce and innovation. Its wide range, including gin, vodka, and brandy, celebrates Australian ingredients’ richness and diversity.

With this latest venture, 23rd Street Distillery not only aims for international acclaim but also seeks to honour the spirited nature of Australia. Their whisky invites aficionados to explore unique flavours, rooted deeply in Australian heritage.