Santa’s Elves Go Wild: A Very Naughty Christmas Show

Melbourne, Play / 13 December 2023
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Santa’s Elves Go Wild: A Very Naughty Christmas Show

Melbourne, Play / 13 December 2023

Jingle Bells Rock: A Tale of Cheeky Elves in Melbourne

Melbourne’s festive season just got a risqué upgrade with ‘A Very Naughty Christmas’ at the Alex Theatre. Picture this: Santa’s elves, usually busy making toys, decide it’s their turn to play – and Melbourne audiences are loving it!

A Star-Studded Sleigh Ride

Leading the mischief is Tim Paige, transforming from Shakespearean actor to a Santa with a twist. He’s not alone; Kate Yaxley and Shay Debney bring their seasoned charm back to the stage, alongside a cast including the energetic Joe Kalou and Jordan Twigg. This ensemble is not just singing carols; they’re rewriting them with a wink and a nudge.

Not Your Grandma’s Christmas Carols

Forget silent nights; this show is all about laughter and applause. It’s a festive rollercoaster of stand-up comedy, dance, and cheeky parodies that will change the way you hear Christmas classics forever. Directed by Alister Smith, this production is a merry mashup of the traditional and the tantalizing.

A Melbourne Christmas Like No Other

The real magic of ‘A Very Naughty Christmas’ lies in its ability to capture the heart of Melbourne. Local jokes, audience banter, and Christmas puns galore – it’s a show that feels uniquely ours. It’s not just a performance; it’s a celebration of Melbourne’s love for a good time and a good laugh.

Join the Festive Frenzy

So, if you’re keen to swap your quiet holiday evening for a night of raucous fun, head to St Kilda’s Alex Theatre. Grab your tickets at for a show that promises more than just holiday cheer. It’s a Christmas party Melbourne style – with a dash of naughtiness!