A Glass of® Revolution: The Sophisticated Twist on Wine

Drink / 29 February 2024

A Glass of® is transforming the humble Aussie goon into a symbol of elegance. By partnering with esteemed sommelier Shanteh Wale, they’re offering wine enthusiasts a refined way to enjoy premium wines. Their new Wine List introduces an innovative wine-in-a-pouch experience. This collection is a voyage across Australia’s premier vineyards, delivered in stylish 200ml pouches.

Embark on a Vinous Adventure

For $47, you can explore wines from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and New South Wales. The lineup includes La Kooki Verdelho, XO Wine Co Vino Bianco Cortese, blü hen Dry Rosé, Watkins Siblings Series Grenache, and Scion Daylight Red. Each pouch is a gateway to the rich tastes and stories of Australia’s independent wineries.

Sustainability & Convenience

This venture isn’t just about sampling wine; it’s about sustainability and convenience. The pouches ensure wine lovers can enjoy a perfect amount without opening a full bottle. Shanteh Wale’s expertise adds depth to this experience. Her journey from Quay restaurant to wine education highlights her passion for Australian wines.

Elevating the Wine in a Pouch Experience

A Glass of® is challenging old perceptions, proving that quality wine can come in unexpected packages. This bold move celebrates Australian wine’s diversity and accessibility. It shows that sophistication and sustainability can coexist, offering a new way to enjoy wine, one pouch at a time.

In conclusion, A Glass of® and Shanteh Wale have masterfully reimagined the concept of wine consumption with their innovative wine-in-a-pouch offering, blending convenience with sophistication. This collaboration not only introduces wine lovers to a handpicked selection of Australia’s finest independent wines but also champions sustainability and accessibility. Each 200ml pouch serves as a testament to the rich heritage and diversity of Australian vineyards, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a unique tasting journey. For those eager to explore this novel approach to wine tasting, visit A Glass of® to discover how they’re turning the traditional wine experience on its head, one elegant pouch at a time.