400 Gradi collaborates with 4 Pines on a lager for pizza

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 19 December 2018
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400 Gradi collaborates with 4 Pines on a lager for pizza

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 19 December 2018

400 Gradi and 4 Pines Brewing Company have collaborated to produce a unique limited edition Euro Lager that is perfect paired with pizza

We all have those days where all you crave is a cheesy pizza with all your favourite toppings. Beer drinkers will attest that a pizza is best washed down with your favourite brew. But more often than not, we order our favourite pizza and one of our usual beer choices without really thinking about whether they are the right match. But before you sit there trying to play cupid with pizzas and beers, the latest venture by 400 Gradi and 4 Pines Brewing company is already a match made in heaven with the new Euro Lager.

400 Gradi Euro Lager


400 Gradi has made a name for itself as one of Melbourne’s best pizza places. With crispy, thin-based, wood-fired traditional Neapolitan pizza, it is no surprise that they are award winners. Also born a decade ago is 4 Pines Brewing Company, established by father and son from a casual conversation after a surf. Now, 4 Pines is a well-known and widely available hand-crafted beer.

The classic favourite combo of pizza and pints is now being served up at 400 Gradi in a unique way. 400 Gradi founder Johnny Di Francesco and Beverage Operations Manager Fulvio Virgili made the trip to 4 Pines Brewery in Manly to create the exclusive 400 Pines Euro Lager.

400 pines euro lager

The Euro Lager is a 4% mild beer, with crisp and clean flavours. Take a sip and you will notice hints of fruit and woodiness, which match perfectly with the smoky, wood-fired flavours of the pizza. Unlike other beers with higher bitterness, which may overpower the flavours of the pizza, the Euro Lager is the ideal accompaniment. Delicious with every 400 Gradi pizza, but be sure to try the Euro Lager with the Margerita or Maialona pizzas. The Maialona is generously topped with San Marzano tomato, fior di latte, ham, hot salami, sausage, 20-month Prosciutto di Parma and mushrooms.

400 gradi-pizza-euro lager

Only five kegs of Euro Lager are being distributed, so get in quick so you don’t miss out. You can try Euro Lager at 400 Gradi’s Eastland, Essendon and Brunswick restaurants.