Maker & Creator- Renée Baltov

Cool Sh*t, Maker & Creator Podcast, Play / 27 June 2018

Renée Baltov – Manhood, brotherhood, & motherhood

Renée Baltov is the creative mind behind The Barberhood– a new breed of barbershop that pays homage to traditional barbering techniques with a new modern approach to luxury men’s grooming. On this episode of Maker & Creator we chat about her diverse career background and the journey from FMCG to men’s fashion and taking the calculated leap to starting her own business. We find out what it’s like giving birth to a business whilst balancing motherhood and her new baby. Renée’s approach business, marketing, and success is inspirational. “I never wanted to be the same as anyone else.” Listen to this episode and you’ll soon realise the reasons this is true about Renée Baltov.

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