Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard, Hunter Valley

Drink / 4 March 2015
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Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard, Hunter Valley

Drink / 4 March 2015

There’s more to experience at Krinklewood winery than just the wine. Like peacocks and cider!

Driving amongst the vineyards towards Krinklewood Vineyard and Farm in Broke, near the Hunter Valley, I notice a positive aurora as we drive closer. A nice feeling washes over me and I feel instantly relaxed.

Maybe it’s the chickens roaming around the entrance to the cellar door or the peacocks parading their colourful feathers on the grass. It could be the courtyard entrance that resembles something you’d find in the south of France or that beautiful rustic home in the film Stealing Beauty.

Krinklewood is a family business. Rod and Suzanne Windrim planted the first vines in 1981. Since then, their family has grown along with their acres. On my recent visit their son and friend of mine, Peter Windrim was there with his family, laying by the pool recovering from his sister’s 40th birthday bash. A celebration amongst the vines, under the stars and poolside. What a party it must have been!

He took me for a tour around the property showing me their kitchen garden full of plump tomatoes and zucchinis.

In 2007 Krinklewood became Certified Biodynamic and Certified Organic. As Pete explained, nothing but live things should nourish the soil, and nothing dead or scientifically fabricated should be added to it. So the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides is prohibited at Krinkewood and they use special techniques to balance the number of insects, predators and the environment they work in.

They make their own biodynamic compost, made up of leaves, manure, paper, water and straw. This compost is mixed for hours in a special spa like tub and this tea is then sprayed onto the soil and leaves in the vineyard.

They also have geese, guinea fowl, cattle and sheep that graze in between the vineyard rows during winter grazing on the weeds.

Pete takes me through to where they make the wine. Little positive affirmations are written and stuck on the barrels with things like “you’re beautiful” and “I love you”. There’s also an impressive sound system wired up inside. “I play Chopan to the chardonnay and Chet Faker to the cider” Pete mentions with a smile.

This is unlike any winery I’ve ever been to and I’m starting to understand why people are drawn to this place and their wine!

Krinklewood produce semillon, verdelho, chardonnay, rose, sparkling, dessert wine and Shiraz. They’ve also started making a boutique cider available only from the cellar door.

Next time you’re hitting wine country be sure to check out Krinklewood. Your soul will feel better for it and your cellar.

Krinklewood Cellar Door & Vineyard
Open Weekends 10am-5pm
712 Wollombi Road, Broke, NSW, 2330
0265 791322
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