12 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Cool Sh*t / 14 February 2017
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12 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Cool Sh*t / 14 February 2017

Move over Kim Kardashian, these are the Instagram accounts you need to follow.

The birth of Instagram in 2010 saw the explosion of some truly weird and oh-so wonderful accounts. It doesn’t take long to find those pages totally dedicated to food, pets in human clothes, fitness junkies, tragic tinder conversations – we could go on all day. With the good comes the bad. Duck-lip selfies and endless celebrity snaps (Kim Kardashian, we are looking at you). We’ve foraged through them all, compiling a list of those accounts guaranteed to make you smile.



Melbourne based artist Phil Ferguson, otherwise known as @chiliphilly, has become a social media sensation through the creation of his wearable crochet art. Scroll through his feed to find self portraits of Ferguson sporting everything from a wearable tea bag, hamburger, avocado, eggplant, sushi, fruit bowl hat and more. Following his wide success and ever growing fan base (a cool 142k followers), Ferguson’s work is set to feature in a series of exhibitions at Australian Design Centre, titled Crochet Social.

As part of the exhibition, ADC is also presenting a series of events and workshops, encouraging his fan base to  jump aboard the crochet bandwagon. For more information on exhibition and workshop dates, click here.



Cat fanatics rejoice, an account exists in the universe capturing cats lying in piles of cash wearing gold chains. For those who like cats, or who simply like seeing piles of cash, this is the Instagram page for you.

instagram white coffee cat


1.4 million followers can’t be wrong. Mr White, more commonly known as Coffee, is a two year old British shorthair cat. With plush white fur and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen – he is an absolute sight for sore eyes. Follow him for your daily dose of total cuteness, not to mention his incredible costumes as captured above.



Oh Kanye, the butt of all jokes it seems. With his overly narcissistic and serious demeanour, it’s only too easy to make a few jabs at the poor guy. Follow this account to witness Kanye eating stew, Kanye petting a dog, Kanye dramatically holding an umbrella. It’s him doing the everyday, menial tasks that makes this account downright amazing and funny.



The handle is pretty self explanatory on this one. One humble Aussie travels around the country reviewing the best and worst garlic breads at pubs and restaurants. The total number of followers may not make this guy ‘Instafamous’, but the very fact that he’s giving you frank, evocative reviews of garlic bread makes him a total legend in our books.



We’ve all seen it. Men sitting in shopping centres whilst their significant other tries on every clothing item on the shop floor. This account captures the very essence of the men who’ve had enough. Check it out, it’s bound to spark a few giggles.



What’s cuter than a puppy you might ask? How about a hot dude snuggling up to one.



Equally attractive is a hot dude reading. Maybe it’s his passion for literature, or maybe it’s because he isn’t playing Candy Crush on his phone. Whatever the reason, we can’t get enough of it.



Oh Photoshop, you wonderful thing you. @tasteofstreep features Meryl Streep tactfully photoshopped into different meals with colour coordinated outfits. Scroll through this majestic account to find her nestled between two Twinkie buns, or swimming in a bowl of guac or leisurely lounging in a box of fries. Healthy Streep’s pastel green sweater works perfectly with this stalk of kale, don’t you think?

instagram lamb


This account definitely rests on the quirky side of Instagram, where two objects are cleverly meshed together with the aid of Photoshop. The brains behind these left-of-centre pictures is Paul Fuentes, a graphic designer based in Mexico city. Jump on his account for your daily dose of strawberry hearts, burger cakes, lamb sushi, Sriracha needles and more.

See his full list of artworks on his website here

instagram-inflight feed


Forget your regular foodie Instagram account capturing dishes at ‘must-try’ restaurants and bars. This user flies across the globe, taking snaps of flight meals on a string of different airlines. Somewhat depressingly, @inflightfeed does travel business and first class a fair bit. That being said, you’re given an eye-opening view into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, not to mention imagery of the surprisingly gourmet meals served on some planes in economy class. One things for sure, it puts the ambiguous ‘chicken or beef’ flatpack as served on several Aussie airlines to shame…

If you’re looking to read @inflightfeed’s airplane food reviews, there is also a website. Click here



Sometimes when a dude is truly starving, there’s nothing that can come between him and his sandwich. On this Instagram account, you’ll find sauce dripping, meat dense, cheese oozing sandwiches snapped in both Sydney and now New York City. Fun fact, the ‘man’, otherwise known as Ben, worked with us at Eat Drink Play. We know how to pick them 😉