Where to Eat, Drink and Play in Montreal

Play, Travel / 15 July 2015

Le Majestique

An antique gallery filled with treasure, gold plates and fish sculptures – lit by lamps and chandeliers – this place is exactly what you would want to stumble across in an enchanted dream. Luckily, you can, on St.Laurent Boulevard. Order Cocktails, The Hot Dog and The ‘Whip Dip’ . This is our number one pick!


Buvette chez Simone

A stylish Tapas bar on the buzzing Avenue du Parc. An extensive menu perfect for share-style dining. The charcuterie board is a heaped offering of local cheeses from Quebec and house smoked meat. This goes famously with the house white, a 1L bottle of Cuvée Buvette.


Ms.Villeray Lounge

Keep an eye out for a bright pink and blue neon lady holding a martini glass, and you’ll find a dark vintage disco saloon. If you don’t know where your night is going, this is a good place to start. Retro tunes, friendly bartenders and a late afternoon outdoor lounge makes for a great venue.


La Banquise 

Holy chip! Banquise is well known by Montreallers as the place for poutine – a local dish consisting of hot chips, gravy and cheese curds. Running 24/7, you can sample the best poutine in Montreal with add-ons such as guacamole, salsa, tomatoes, sour cream, sausages … you name it. Rush hour is typically 3:00am!


Tam Tams

One of the greatest examples of Montreal’s unique character is the Tam Tams. Every Sunday a huge gathering of diverse people congregate in the park to dance along to drum circles, picnic, hula-hoop and sun-bake. An absolute must when visiting Montreal!




MURAL is a free festival that runs for 11 days (June 4th-15th), transforming St.Laurent Boulevard into a hub of activities, bars and restaurants, block parties and street dancing. To make the scene even more colourful, look up and around, on the walls are magnificent mega sized mural pieces from international and local talent.



A trendy night club that has been decked out with funky disco lights and Berlin-style projections. Spacious and laid-back, you can take it easy in one of the booths or dance your heart out under a sky of purple, pink and blue. The dance floor and reasonably-priced-drinks promise fun times. Tickets are $15-$20.


Cafe La Rue

A great spot for your daily coffee and wifi dose. Specialising in coffee of all kinds, La Rue is popular for its breezy, bright outdoor patio, fast internet and excellent coffee. It gives you a fabulous start to the day and is wonderful place to catch up on work / emails when visiting.



Suwu is a very hip new restaurant bar in the plateau of Montreal. You won’t be disappointed with the grilled mac and cheese with Siracha tomato sauce. Dabbling in comfort classics, they also offer interesting culinary plates, such as the lobster cream and asparagus perogies (dumplings). In the past they have also done artist/chef collaborations, bringing a fresh new flavour plate by plate. LOVE this !!!


Fairmount Bagels / Faberge 

You can do bagels two ways – head straight to Fairmount Bagels, grab a selection, some cream cheese, salmon and capers and head to the park to enjoy Montreal’s top bagels. After lunch the line is insane. Alternatively, across the road from Fairmont is Faberge where you can grab a Fairmont bagel with the lot while enjoying old animation books and adventure time.

All images © Copyright 2015 Rebecca Levy