Garage Sale Trail 2016

Play / 19 October 2016
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Garage Sale Trail 2016

Play / 19 October 2016

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Find yours at this years Garage Sale Trail.

You’re in for one huge treasure hunt Saturday the 22nd of October. The annual Garage Sale Trail is back again for it’s sixth year running and giving everyone the chance to sell their goods without even having to leave their front yards. Right around the country there will be over 10,000 garage sales happening so chances are you’ll find something special. It’s a fun way to clear your clutter, meet your neighbours, make some extra cash and be part of the worlds biggest garage sale!

Garage Sale Trail - Garage Sale

With 300,000 bargain lovers expected to attend and over 2 million pre-loved gems up for grabs, it’s the perfect place to get your barter on. The free, local council supported event not only exists to prepare you for your trip to South East Asia (where the real haggling begins) or so you can earn some extra cash for said trip. It also exists to bring communities together and to promote healthy treatment of the environment. And if you make some extra dough and get rid of that leather jacket that’s hung in your wardrobe untouched for years, that’s a solid bonus.

Garage Sale Trail - Table

It’s absolutely free to register your garage sale so if you and your mates have hoarded a little extra and are keen to pass it on to a good home, get on it today! With garage sales gearing up to pop up all over the country, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re a savvy buyer or a friendly seller, you’ll make your mark at this years Garage Sale Trail.

We’re even getting into the garage sale spirit over at the Eat Drink Play office here in Sydney. Our sister company Secret Foodies is offloading HEAPS of cool stuff from past events. From props to picnic baskets, drink dispenser to glassware and more. Ms Darlinghurst is also clearing out her wardrobe (of amazing hostess outfits and shoes). So drop by our cool headquarters down in the heart of Paddington and check out some of the treasures we have on offer. CHECK OUT OUR PAGE HERE!

Garage Sale Trail
Saturday, October 22nd 2016